Rush Limbaugh to join ESPN's "NFL Countdown"

Just FYI: Radio Host Limbaugh Joins ESPN’s ‘NFL Countdown’

Well, this might be interesting. I knew he tried out for Monday Night Football a few years back (they ended up taking Dennis Miller), but I always figured that was a lark. But now, well…

Whaddya think? Can Limbaugh drop the political schtick and be a good sports commentator? Or will on-field injuries lead to rants about Hillarycare?



I’ve listened to Rush on and off through the years. So I understand his style and his “Talent”
He sure can’t be any worse than Miller whom I gave him half a decent chance to entertain me.
When consitering this I must ask myself a few questions.

Can he sucessfully not only get himself past his political schtick, but can he get his viewers, especialy those viewers who he’s managed to yank off over the years (Read that Dems-Libs) to look past it?

Is his sence of humor, especialy his perchant for ‘demonstating absurdity’ going to come across as an ‘every fan’ instead of an arrogant jerk?

Is he going to use humor, unlike Miller that isn’t over the head of the average viewer?

If ya want my opinion, I think he can pull it off, he’s sure got the ear of quite a few folks (read that Repubs-Consvs) before he ever steps in front of that camera. Who knows? perhaps this is the place for him to shine where he isn’t ranting about the silly politics of the day.

I’d sure give him a better chance of entertaining me sports wise than I will Jerry Springer to be my Congressman.

I like it. It’s Howard Sternian in it’s vision. I can’t stand Limbaugh but I think it will make for some interesting viewing at least. Now all they need to do is have Ralph Nader, Daniel Carver of the KKK and Al Sharpton give picks as well, and let whoever has the most correct picks at the end of the day have the last word.

CAN Limbaugh be very good? Probably. Will he? I have no idea. I’m afraid I’ve been wrong too many times in predicting who’d make for a good sportscaster.

I mean, I’ve always loved Dennis Miller as a comedian, and looked forward to hearing him on “Monday Night Football.” Meanwhile, I’d heard Dan Fouts doing colege football for years, and had NEVER heard him say anything interesting or insightful.

And yet, as it turned out, Fouts was a very solid commentator on Monday Night Football, while Miller was embarrassingly bad.

Limbaugh was a radio professional for YEARS before he got involved in politics… so I know he CAN be an apolitical entertainer. But it remains to be seen how well he’ll fit into ESPN’s format. He won’t be in a position to make long, uninterrupted proclamations. I’m wondering if he’s capable of being a TEAM member, of engaging in spirited give and take. That’s what’s likely to determine whether he’s good or awful, in this context- and it’s not something he’s had to do in a long time.

Wonder how long it’ll be before Rush disses one of the players for his political views. :rolleyes:

Looks like this is going to be the last straw for me. I’ve always preferred ESPN’s show to Fox’s. Then ESPN decided to try to do more of what Fox does. Then they added Stuart Scott (has anyone else made it further on less talent or more cliched catch phrases?) to what I think is a good group of analysts. Then I stopped making a point of catching Countdown when ESPN started with the marathon coverage beginning on Saturday night. (Or however long it is; what is it, 3 hours now? Two? All I know is that it is too long. Fewer puff pieces and “fantasy pics” I just want to know about the Bears.)

Does Rush even matter anymore?

Won’t affect me, since “near the top” of ESPN 's NFL Countdown is 8:30am on the West Coast and I’m sound asleep. :slight_smile:

Rush has always done well the few times he’s done TV interviews and as a guest “talking head”. I think he has the capacity to turn his mouth down from “eleven” down to 7 or 8, and he is passionate about football.

No way will he be able to refrain from the occasional political joke though. It’ll be interesting to see if he can restrain himself. I’ll tune in just to watch him try. Should be a hoot.

That’s it…no more NFL Countdown for me. I had already been tiring of Chris Berman, and this is just too much for me. I absolutely loathe Limbaugh, what could he possibly add to the table? Horrible, just horrible!!!

Guess I will try FoxSportsNet or CNN and go over to CBS at 10:00. I would rather watch Deon Sanders than Rush Limbaugh!!!

I have to guess that ESPN/Disney is trying to duplicate the feat that Howard Cosell pulled off many years ago. He was rated, in a nationwide poll, America’s most loved and most hated sportscaster in the same poll. Nobody had done that before. Nobody has done it since.

First Dennis Miller, Now Rush Limbaugh - the NFL and the SportsCasters sure are doing their best to keep me from watching Football.

I didn’t like DM’s Bathering on and I will not like RL’s Droning on, when I’m trying to watch a Game.