Rush Limbaugh's unfair criticism

I nod along with much of what Mr. Limbaugh says, but I also remember that he was once just a regular dee-jay (I think his dee-jay name was Jeff Christie) and wonder if the whole thing is just an elaborate ploy, for instance he woke up one day and thought to himself “I’m not making very much money spinning records, what if I was an outspoken conservative talk show host?”

(I wonder if I should break that up into smaller sentences?)


I’m intrigued.

Please, tell me more.:wink:

Oh, Scylla, I agree: Limbaugh is slagged way more than he deserves. I also think he thrives on it. The times I’ve listened to him or read his column he seems to be having a great time giving his ideological opposites a big, “Neener, neener,” and inviting return attack. Somewhat entertaining when I’m in the mood for it. To me, that kind of political commentary fits under the label of, “a little goes a long way.”

And in case you’re wondering, I place myself in the “liberal leaning moderate” area of politics.

Also, I’m a West Virginia native, and I think Sen. Byrd (Byrd droppings :D) is an odious little twerp.

Rock on, Coldie!

Announcement from radio staition program director:

In the spirit of fair-mindedness (radio), we will interupt the Rush Limbaugh program with various selections from the band, Rush.

Such songs as “Beneath, Between, and Behind,” “A Farewell to Kings,” “Show, Don’t Tell,” and “Stick it Out” will be edited in for humorous and edifying effect.:wink:

Scylla, were you aware that Pepcid is now sold over the counter?**

Yep, you either enjoy bombastic, preening self-worshipers or you don’t.

Pretty soon no “dittoheads” will get to call in at all, so he can enjoy the sound of his own voice uninterrupted.

Googling a bit … Here

… and a fair warning: it gets vulgar from there on. :smiley:

Hehehehehe… “Sheets”…

::Famous opening::

Living in the Rushlight,
the universal dream
For those who to see
Those who to seeeeeee
must put aside Democfratic affiliation
get on with the tax reformation
the real relation
to economic stability…

There’s a local outfit, radio wise, (national?) called “Patriot Radio” that consists entirely of Limbaugh knockoffs and Fox News. I spend about an hour a day either being open minded or indulging my morbid fascinations. Your call is as good as mine. Theres Savage, and somebody, and somebody else, and they all sound pretty much the same. But I don’t think the Orca of the Airwaves is one of them.

None of them says anything truly whack, like when G. Gordon Liddy advised shooting Federal agents in the head. But you gotta wonder why? Why so many? Is it such an easy career move, grab a mike and some phone lines and start bashing lefties? Whats the market? And what the hell is Sea Silver?

One of them spend about twenty minutes rhapshodizing to the point of orgasm about GeeDubya flying the jet (yes, he flew the jet!) to his Gloat on the Boat, how manly, how virile, how Commander in Chief!

You’d think he’d at least mention how much GeeDubya needed the flight time, being about a year short, and all.

So, in conclusion…I say we take december at his word, and congratulate him for every step, however hesitant and stumbling, towards the light.

It’s just a current scam, about the health properties of silver. It was merely “silver” a year ago. Now they need an adjective to sell it. (why is it only advertised on talk radio?)

The scammers in the world know their market. The guys who were selling gold coins to the unwashed advertise on “Christian Radio.” And those stations quite often have conservative talk radio broadcasts as part of their programming.

Example. When the guys on the Christian Radio were selling French Gold 20 Franc coins for $95. each, we were selling them for $75.

Sorry for the hijack.

Really? I wanna see his cites on there being more indians now than when columbus got here…or there being more trees.

Limbaughs personallity doesnt enter into it. I remember a few years back a study showed that he has about a 53 percent accuracy rate. Almost half of what he says is pure bullshit. Take a read of Al Frankens book to see just how well he cites…He cites just enough accurate stuff that people believe the rest of it. Franken offered to debate him over and over again, and Rush flat out refused.

Wow. A far right jerk says something you don’t like which accurately touches on the bigoted past of some republican politicians and now you’r whining.

So spank yourself blind staring at Ann Coulter, and stop trying to “think”.

(emphasis added)
Oooh, that one’s gonna cost ya.

What’s particularly disingenous is that the things the OP complains about, namely, the making up of nasty names, are standard practice for Rush, not some new event. He has a subrational nickname for every target, meant to associate his enemies with terrorists, fascists, and rap artists. If these tactics are wrong, then they are wrong all the time. If they are not wrong for someone in Rush’s position (more to the entertainer side of the spectrum than the journalist side), then these aren’t wrong either.

I guess people who love demonizing their enemies, doing everything in their power to paint them as evil and despicable so that they can work themselves up into either subrational rage or a dismissive humor, get a kick out of him. But I don’t like it on either side of the spectrum.

  1. Well, the streak of 829 consecutive predictions of what the thread OP will be about is over. I’m no Lou Gehrig when it comes to these things.

  2. I wonder what grade december’s grandkid will get for that book report. Read like one. C’mon, december, where’s the unmitigated contempt, the blinding Truth Of The World, the “if you’re not with us you’re worthless” attitude? Expectations, man!

Al Franken of course being the go-to guy when you want unbiased investigative journalism. Kind of like James Carville before he was lampooned on Family Guy and forced to leave public life. Although it is odd he and Al Franken have never been seen together in public…

Or else you are able to recognize a troll’s schtick when you see it.

Poor December. He can’t even post about putting on his shoe without being lambasted.

On the other hand, maybe if he posted about his shoes a little more instead of extremist politics…


Did he say these things? His shows are taped so how about the sound bite?

IIRC that study was conducted by the Left Wing Pinko Institute of Disinformation. Do you have the cite?

Anyway, Rush responded to that by commisioning an independant study from a non partisan group which sampled him at random times and found him to be accurate in factual matters 98-99% of the time. If you sign up at his web site, you can see the actual study.