RUSH -- Neal Peart!

Watching RUSH on YouTube this evening, specifically 2112 and Limlight live in Rio, I was struck by what a tremendous machine Nearl Peart is (v. e.g. Meg White) on percussion, and was wondering if anyone had any insider knowledge on his kit’s setup? It seems like everything would have to be bolted down with steel pegs to keep it from crumbling, anyone know what damage he does to that stuff? Is it even reusable? Criminy he’s a beast!

You might be interested in this link, where Neil Peart gives a drum lesson to Rick Mercer.

On a more serious note, here is a report on Drummerworld about Neil Peart’s kit.

And here is Neil’s official website.

His kit is too busy for me but he’s an awesome drummer.

On another note my friend from Toronto has his own cleaning business one of his customers for awhile was Alex Lifeson. He pretended he didn’t know who he was until the contract was up and on the last day he brought a few of his Rush items. And asked if he would mind signing a few things, apparently he just smirked and said sure.

Yeah, Neil Peart is a bit better than Meg White.



Chalk and cheese. Apples and Oranges.

Neil Peart is a percussion machine. Meg White was a great foil for Jack White.

Both do their jobs. As a musician, that’s what matters.

**pinklintango **- if you focus on power drummer, you could do worse than starting with John Bonham from Zep. Known for distorting drumheads with the force of his shots and the originator of the overly-huge, built-out rock kit capable of handling his assault.

My two year old nephew on Fisher-Price is a better drummer than Meg White. :smiley:

But yea, Neal Peart definitely rocks out. Check out his Buddy Rich projects for some non-Rush drumming.

Peart is an *awesome *drummer, no doubt. But I think his God-like notoriety is out-of-proportion with his talent. In other words, there are many drummers who are just as good – and better – whom you have probably never heard of.

Here’s an obscure one for ya: Ever heard of Ralph Humphrey? I’m guessing not. He’s a well-known studio drummer, and played drums on Zappa’s Overnight Sensation album. Check out his drums on Camarillo Brillo sometime. :cool:

Have you seen Beyond the Lighted Stage? They all come out looking like affable, nerdy Canadians, but Peart seems like he’s living on a whole other level.

Yea, he kind of comes across as an antisocial intellectual.