Russian Spacecraft under Bering Sea?

Did the Sdopers hear that, yesterday, the Russians launched some spacecraft from under the Bering Sea using “solar pressure”? What the heck does that mean? Sure, there’s radiation pressure, but it is insignificant! I can only WAG perhaps they used solar energy to break water into its gas components which, forced into a tube, would build enough pressure for a launch???

Does anyone have the details on this story passed along ABC radio station affiliates (without further explanation)?

  • Jinx :confused:

I think you’re slightly misinformed.

The spacecraft was launched from a Russian Sub, yes, but it was atop a converted missle, shot just how missles would normally be shot from subs. The spacecraft itself is what uses “solar pressure” (which is NOT insignificant in interstellar space). It’s a “solar sail” design.

By the way, it seems the launching wasa failure. At best the spacecraft isn’t on te proper orbit (and they don’t know where it is) at worst it did’t separate properly from the launcher.
Too bad…We’ve been hearing about “sail” spacecrafts for a very long time, there has been innumerable projects and I would like to see one actually working someday…