Russian translation of these phrases

Can a fluent speaker of Russian vouch for the accuracy of these translations?

Thank you - Spasibo
My dear - Dorogaya moya
Violet - Fioletovyi

FWIW: I had this confirmed by a Russion speaker in my office.

“My Dear” is only accurate if you are speaking to a female.

I confirm what the previous two posters have said, except I would add that the translation for “violet” applies only to the masculine singular. Feminine singular would be “violetovaya,” and plural (either gender) woould be “violetovy” (that last sound has no direct equivalent in English; sorry!)

For a male, it would be dorogoy moy.

Spasibo, dorogaya violetovaya moya.

Re: Violet.

Are we talking about the color which is basically an adjective, or the plant? Which would be Fiálka.