Russians trolling US Military.

On social media, Russian agents are posing as women (using fake profiles) to connect with US servicemen and influence them using pro-Putin propaganda.

Obnoxious [del]fuckers[/del] patriots.

That’s an interesting read. And a quite brilliant strategy.

No difference from what they’ve always done, really.

Despite Trump’s call to have better relations with them, I’d be fine with treating them like the enemy they’ve always been. IE getting back to a more cold war stance and attitude.

Meh. More of an MPSIMS news article dating from the cold war era. They catfish our guys/gals, we catfish theirs. The only difference is now the internet is involved and there’s a bigger pool of potential victims on both sides.

Putin much?
That is exactly the excuse my conservative friends are giving for Trump’s Russian licking.

I doubt if US servicemen are simpletons. Nor that they long to serve the motherland.
At least back in the old days they used real live women as pigeons and it wasn’t some heavyset guy in his 50s wheezing as he uses a message app for l’amour.

It doesn’t take a simpleton, simply a lonely guy. There are probably a few of those amongst the servicemen in the armed forces.

However lonely, I’m sure if a strange woman started sweet-talking me on the internet, praising Dread Vlad and dissing ISIS, and asking about my next deployment, only — sadly — hackles would rise.

Well first, I doubt it would be quite as obvious as you make it and second, never underestimate the lonely penis. It is one of the most powerful forces on earth. :wink:

… Have you even *met *a grunt ? I mean, these are the guys who signed up for The Ultimate Suck because someone persuaded them it was a great idea, or that love of country was a neat concept and totally not a con, or because they were too dumb to figure out another path for themselves. A brain trust, by definition the army ain’t. The Marines doubly so, because at least the Army has logistics, the Navy won’t get shot at and the Air Force has air conditioning and a fully stocked bar.

Just offer them a Green Card and see how quickly they screw Vlad the Bad.

That is only one line in the article and it is unsupported.

The rest is just: “Oh my God, our soldiers don’t see Russia as the enemy enough to our liking. They must be victims of propaganda!!1one!!”

This is horrible. We would never do anything like that.

I guess I can’t get worked up over typically spy stuff that we both do to each other. The key is to know about it and take whatever measures we can. This shit has been going on forever, and I pity the fool nation that isn’t prepared for it.

The fact that Russians are shamelessly trolling the entire planet, aside.

But to me, the funny thing is the visual of a Russian internet troll trying to get an American soldier to believe he’s talking to a hot girl:

Today, the part of the Russian Troll will be played by RT (see what I did there?).

RT: Helo good lookings! My name is Bo… err… Natas… err… Amber.
RT: I am looking for your nucular wessel… err… a handsom military boy for conversations and good times.
RT: Veell you be my special friend on Facebooks? I enjoy voking on bitch, and riding horses with no shirt. By the vay, do you know somebody who is also enjoy riding on horse with no shirt? I bet you cannot guess!

Ees thet you, Kyeptin Keerk?