Russians v. Americans re: Caloric intake

So I am reading a Margaret Truman book, called Murder in Foggy Bottom (ok lets forget that part, a good book it is not, yet somehow I keep reading her, of course that could be just because they keep showing up in my house), and in she says:

Now please ignore the run-on sentence, but is this true? I always thought Americans were the fattest people on the planet. This would lead me to believe Russians are. There goes the mail order bride plans :).

Nope, that “statistic” is bullshit. The Agriculture and Food Country Profile for the Russian Federation gives the average daily per capita calorie supply as 2879 kilocalories (as of 1999). By comparison, Europe in general had 3230 kilocalories and the USA 3754.

Ah, thats what I thought. Just made me curious.