Russki speakers: Please parse this for me

I have taken a year’s worth of Conversational Russian at a local community college. Of course, the class mostly dealt with “Where is the train? Do you have a restroom? Which way to the hotel?” and other such. There were mostly phrases, rather than proper grammar elements stressed, and, of course, a bunch of goobers wasting time, and who did not even bother to study, so, the class was about typical for a conversational language class (I guess). And the book didn’t overly stress learning how to construct proper endings so much as getting the question/statement right. My time right now is extremely limited, so I cannot take time to go to a proper class to get the grammar basics, and I’m wanting to go through the Conversational book before hitting heavier stuff.

At any rate, my questions:

The phrase “Davaite pochitaem” is translated as meaning “Let’s Read”. Now, I’m seeing the -ite ending for ‘davaite’ as being the 2nd person plural, and the -em ending for pochitaem as being 1st person plural, so, 1. Am I correct, or am I overlooking something, and 2. If I am correct, what exactly does it mean, hyper-literally? (Such as “Let us you read”).
Also: The po- prefix: I see it a lot on verbs, and the text seems to indicate that it’s just a prefix for some kind of action verb, but, I’m a bit dubious on that.

Can you help?


Davaite is the plural imperative form of the verb давать which means “to give.”
It has acquired a lot of various colloquial meanings.
The prefix по is a bit confusing and can depend on context. In some contexts it is used to form the perfective aspect of a verb. The perfective aspect denotes that the action has been completed rather than being an on-going action. However in this context, it denotes duration. When it denotes duration it means something like “for a while” or “a bit.”

So hyperliterally the phrase would mean “Give! We’ll read for a while.”

By the way, the perfective aspect of “to read” would be прочитать, so the second person plural would be прочитаем. Confusingly, some verbs use the prefix по to form the perfective.

Thank you!