Russki speakers: What is 'baranizmom'?

I’ve been looking at some Russian Babe websites, and i saw the term ‘barazinmom’ used. I haven’t been able to find out the translation for it, and one site that popped up was some kind of sex forum…:confused:

So, what is ‘baranzimom’?


Which one is it, baranizmom, baranzimom, or barazinmom? Also, ‘russki speakers’? Really? Really?

A ‘baran’ is a sheep, though, perhaps that helps.

Really. You seem… mystified??
Russki would be the American transliteration of the Russian word for ‘Russian’. Speakers is, of course, English for speaker. So, I would be looking for people who speak , and that, inRussian.
Also, will get back on the sp. situation.

You seem baaaaaaafled.

‘Baranizmom’ is how it is pronounced.

It might be a variant of Baranizm, or Baranism, a minor political ideology based on the work of Neo-Marxist economist Paul Baran.

Thanks for the input, all.