Rutan Says September Launch & Talks Tickets

Late September launch is being planned.

Rutan talks ticket prices and hints at more to come.


Can someone lend me $95,463. It’s for a really good cause. :smiley:

Is that all? ‘Cos I’m like thinkin’ of raising $200,000 so I can join the 100 KM Club! :wink: (Knowing my luck, though, I’ll need to raise $200,200 to be able to pull it off. :mad: )

I’m guessing that insurance costs might either A) make tickets a lot more expensive for passengers, or 2) keep Scaled Composites from taking passengers at all. I suspect insuring test flights (to whatever extent they do) and passenger flights are two entirely different balls of wax. However, I hope I’m wrong on this. Dunno if I’d spend $200k for a joyride (I’ll probably have to wait until the $10k tickets are available), but I’m definitely glad to see Rutan pulling this off.

Oh, and 62-Mile High Club sounds better to me than 100-KM High Club. I vote for that.

Would customers be able to sign a watertight waiver of insurance (so that their families won’t come after Mr Rutan if they go up in smoke)? I bet a lot of people would still choose to fly, even with such a waiver in place.

September 29th is the date!