Rutherfurd -New York

Just finished the book. I like the style and had read his previous effort “Russka” some while back but not yet read “London”

For those unfamiliar he will take a fictional group or family and detail the experiences of their direct descendants through several centuries. Fictional characters interwoven with real events (or events that could be reasonably expected to happen within the context of those historical milestones) Usually these books are over 1000 pages of text.

I was particularly keen on reading “New York” because my own knowledge of the settlement of the New World and birth of the US nation is a bit scant. But books such as Rutherfurds are really good only for a chronological account and whatever other snippets he wishes to add to the dramatic development of his story.

But it was a very satisfactory read! And I dont want to add spoilers here but would welcome any suggestions from dopers who have read this guys books and recognise the style as to further reading. For example I would be keen on reading the “Gangs of New York” (as long as it was the precurser book to the film and not the book of the film!!) But any thoughts would be welcome

It’s not out in the US for another week.

Really? I picked it up in Dubai airport a week gone Sunday expecting it would last me my two week trip offshore. Read it in half the time - it was that compelling!

Oh well I will bump this thread in another month or so (jokey smiley thing)

Try 'The Island At The Center of the World" for a more historical… and utterly fascinating… view.

E-Sabbath Thanks, Its now on my early christmas list of things for me from me!

I thought this was going to be about the Giants or Jets or Nets. The three New York teams that play in Rutherford, NJ.

Actually, those teams play in East Rutherford, NJ. There is a Rutherford, NJ, though (my mother grew up there), and I was kind of wondering if this thread had anything to do with the town (my first thought on seeing the title was that Rutherford is in NJ, not NY, and it’s spelled wrong).

The book does sound like one I’d enjoy. I’ll have to look for it.

I’ve read a lot of Rutherfurds books, Russka, The Forest, the one about Salisbury? (it’s been awhile). I didn’t know he was coming out with a new book, but I’ll put this one on the list.
If you like his style, you’ll probably like James Michener’s books, he wrote about the South Pacific (of movie fame), Hawaii and Chesapeake. My favorite of his is The Drifters. These books are all pretty old though.
I also liked Ken Follett’s books, Pillars of the Earth and the sequel World Without End, which are about a fictional Cathedral town and it’s progression through history.
And I live right across the Hackensack river from East Rutherford, too! :cool:

Sarum, Emily.