Ruth's Chris Steak House

My Dad let it slip that he might be planning on taking me to Ruth’s Chris for my birthday. His wife’s favorite food is steak (bless that woman) and he is fond of a good cut as well. I could never justify paying that much for a steak myself. I’ve had steaks that were so good that I was in disbelief, and those were cooked on a grill at home. However if Dad wants to buy me a meal at Ruth’s Chris, I will certainly not object.

I’m kind of excited to tell the truth. A transcendent steak is a thing of beauty. I was looking at the online menu tonight, and I think I know what I’m going to order. If they’re up for an appetizer, which they usually are, I’m thinking that the crab cakes or maybe shrimp cocktail sound best. Odd that only one of the nine soups/appetizers does not contain seafood. I’m not sure if I’ll get a salad or not.

I’m pretty sure I’ll order the filet, medium rare. I’ve heard that steaks here are different than most other places, so I’m open to suggestions. The broccoli looks tempting as far as sides go, but I’m leaning towards the potato section. Almost all of the selections there look really good. At the top of my list are the mashed, baked, Au Gratin, and Lyonnaise.

If you’ve been there before, what are your favorites? Are their doneness standards similar to other places? What can I expect?

Sorry to be so long winded, I just want to maximize my experience at a place that I can’t ever see going to again, barring a highly lucrative job offer.

The broccoli I got a RC’s was just a barely cooked, intact stalk. The steak was excellent, however.

You can expect the steaks to arrive in a lake of butter. Literally. That didn’t do much for me. The strip is amazing though and if you pair it with a good wine then it’s heavenly.

Ruth’s Chris is a very good steakhouse, which considering that it holds its own with the local steakhouses (Bob’s, Nick & Sam’s, etc…) in Dallas, is saying something.

The last time I went there I had the NY strip, and it was very, very good, and I seem to remember the mashed potatoes were very good as well as the creamed spinach.

I’m a prime rib fan, myself, and the one I had at Ruth’s Chris in Washington, DC, a couple of years ago was one of the best I’ve ever had. I recommend it.

I got the ribeye, which I loved. I’m not much of a steak person, but they do have some great steak.

I didn’t see Prime Rib on the menu. Is that something that comes and goes there?

I really can’t add anything to what you already know since it has been 15 years at least since I was in one (Las Vegas) but I did just want to say that I am a steak lover and Ruth’s Chris was the best steak I ever had in my life. Bon appetit.

Can someone explain the name to me? I’ve been by them in Atlantic City and Boston, but the name bugs me. Ruth’s and Chris’s Steak House I could understand. But Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse implies that this is the Chris Steak House that Ruth owns.

That’s pretty much it. My understanding is there was a place in New Orleans named the Chris Steak House and a lady named Ruth took it over.

The one time I went (in L.A. for my brother’s birthday) I had the lamb, and the broccoli casserole. Both totally delicious.

You can read the history at the website.

The barbequed shrimp appetizer has a sauce so good that you’d eat your shoe if you dipped it.

Other than that, everyone’s tastes with steaks varries, but I hope you enjoy it. The few times I’ve treated myself, it’s been quite good.

I’d always go with a Ribeye. Filet’s are very tender, but because they are so lean, they have very little flavor. That’s why they often have a sauce of some kind served with them. A ribeye has the fat marbling that gives a great steak flavor.

Enjoy in any case!

You should have a fine time at Ruth’s Chris. I frequent one about a mile from my house and have never been disappointed. As for how to order your steak: in my not-so-humble opinion, the only way to order steak is “Pittsburgh rare”—charred on the outside; mooing on the inside. If you like your meat a wee less hemorrhagic, you could order it Pittsburgh medium-rare, I suppose.

I have never had creamed spinach as good as the creamed spinach at Ruth’s. It was to die for.

One note about the sides. At least at the one that I went to, the sides were A la carte, and enough for two. So it’s best if everyone chooses something they want that is different, rather than all ordering the same thing. I also wasn’t a fan of the Au Gratin potatoes, but that could just be a personal thing.


I always order the Cowboy Ribeye - can’t get past it to try any other cuts. It’s just so good. I also love their shoestring potatoes, can’t eat them fast enough. The mashed potatoes are also excellent as are the sweet potatoes (Yum!). For dessert I always get the bread pudding. Then I go home and die. And the leftovers? Divine!

While we’re talking about Ruth’s Chris, I have another question.

They’re opening one here in Santa Barbara. I think that they’re crazy. We’re too small a town to support it plus they’re putting it uptown which is an area that sees very few tourists. If it were downtown or in Montecito, it might make sense. :confused:

Anyway, the place is under construction now and it’s being picketed. What’s up with that?

It’s a union issue.