RX swim goggles

A community pool is opening soon in our area (yeah!!) and I want to get back into swimming. (Prior to marriage I swam about 2 miles a night, then we moved to the sticks and the commute to the pool grew old real quick.)

I am going to have to bite the bullet and order a set of prescription swim goggles. Before marriage I use to swim with my contacts and regular goggles, but that really isn’t an option anymore as I cannot afford the cost of the contacts.

My question is: Does anyone out there have any input on what is a better goggle ?
The cost involved. Despite being a veteran of the eyeglass places for ten years, I just can’t help the feeling of I’ve just been violated in some way whenever I buy glasses.

Talk with an optometrist about having a special removable set of lenses made for you so you can use them in whatever facemask/goggle style you decide to wear. That way, you can concentrate on a facemask or goggles that fit you in regard to comfort, convenience, style, etc. I have seen these lenses fitted with a special spring arrangement so they can fit inside dive masks, snorkel masks, or self-contained breating apparatus (scba) used by firefighters. I believe you can even have a thin sheet made rather like the new popular reading glasses sheets that are put on sunglasses. Whatever you decide to go with, have a good time returning to the water. If you feel you need a little extra boost since you have been away from the distance swimming for a while, you may want to consider some of the new half-sized flippers for your feet. Just keep in mind that with or without the flippers, you are going to be using muscle groups that most people don’t realize are used in swimming and will probably be sore as the dickens for a while until you hit your stride again. A good warm-up might include treading water for a timed period before starting your swim.

Thanks for the goggles tips. I never thought about the little stick on lense thingies. There is a speciality sports glasses store not too far from me and I just know that speciality=bend over.

I fully expect for the first few weeks to be one of those annoying people with the kickboards in the water until I get my “water legs” back. My upper back and arms are in great shape from lifting my son all day. I can’t wait until this pool is open for business!!! whooo hooooo