Ryobi cordless tools are great

Let me start from the beginning. When the 1st serious cordless tool came out I got it. It was of course the Makita 9.6v drill. This seamed to move the cordless tools market from toy to real tool. Over time I got another - mainly to get another battery.

The makita was good but it had a very big flaw - that cluch which would not allow full power to be applied (it would slip). Over the years the design changed from the long handle battery to a shorter handle with a ‘block’ battery, voltages crept up and Dewalt became the tool of choice for cordless.

Also during this time one of my Makita drills broke, then the other - I wasa able to piece one together w/ the working parts - then the composite one broke.

Time to get a new drill - I was thinking I have to get a Dewalt. SO I went to Home depot and picked up the 18v Dewalt - something like $250 (inc. 2 batts), then I saw this Ryobi 19v drill for under $100 - but I was going for the good stuff, Until

Then I say this Ryobi kit that contained a drill, sawall, light, circular saw and 2 batts all for under $200 and 18v. This I couldn’t resist - and with home depots return policy I thought if they were really junk I would return it.

So I brought it home and didn’t want to open it - kind of ashamed for buying cheap tools. I thought the price club had cordless tool kits and wanted to check them out before I opened the box - I did a few days later - dewalt kit (basially the same tools) $700, makita (sawsall replaced by a jig saw) $550.

So with that I open the box and looked at the tools, felt the weight - all felt well except the light felt cheasy. but still felt ashamed.

I started using the drill - I was very pleased by the power and equally so by the features like a vertical and horizontal level built into the drill, holders for 2 screw driver bits and a magnet for holding screws. The light came in handy more then once. The circular saw again was very powerful and cut through 8 2x6 no problem and the sawsall came in handy numberous times.

Perhaps the dewalt is more powerful still, and is more durable (but then again I droped my drill more then once from a 6 ft ladder - no prob),. I have no doubt that the dewalt is a better tool but the ryobi is more then good enough for me.

(I know close to MPSIMS but this is my humble O)