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Wasn’t one of President Bush’s sons involved in the savings and loan scam. I think it occurred at a Colorado bank. From what i remember it had to do with the guy being of the board of the bank and then recieved loans for his oil exploration company, thought the company never looked for oil. The bank went out of business ( I guess it would with loans like that) The federal government bailed it out for something like 600 million dollars.

Is this guy related to the Texas governer?

God, I hope so… It would show yet again the hypocrisy the GOP revels in.

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As ooposed to incorruptible, virtuous liberal Democrats like Alan Cranston and John Glenn, who would NEVER take a dime of money from a corrupt banker like CHarles KEating, right Satan?

For the record, though, Neil Bush, son of the former President (and brother of the current candidate) was chairman of an S & L that had to be bailed out. He was a rather piddling part of the whole S & L crisis, though I can’t say I blame liberals for trying to make him poster boy for the whole mess.

Yeah, like the Democrats have a corner on the hypocrisy market; now that George W. is the heir apparent to the nomination, we sure don’t hear the Repugnicans whining about Clinton’s draft dodging anymore, do we?


“Believe those who seek the truth.
Doubt those who find it.” --Andre Gide

And we don’t hear any liberals talking about George W.'s ability to “compartmentalize,” either. And we don’t hear any Democrats insisting that private indiscretions have no bearing on a politician’s fitness for office, as they always argued on CLinton’s behalf.

But this is nothing new- EVERY ideologue, of the left or the right, has a good excuse why the rules and the law don’t apply to HIS heroes, only to his enemies.

It was Silverado S&L. I can’t remember which son it was, just that it wasn’t GW.

Neal Bush. (I’m not sure of the spelling.) Silverado has already been identified.

Huh. That’s funny. I saw a couple of Democrats argue exactly that, on no less a forum than Oliver North’s MSNBC show: that GWB’s possible drug use (as long as it is not current) does not reflect on his ability to hold office, but his willingness to be honest when asked and his position on the felony status of drug laws is relevant. I guess I don’t watch the same conservative talk shows as some other people.

I guess 600 million dollars is piddling to some of us. For me it is a significant amount of money.
I clipped an article from the newspaper the day that Regan signed the banking deregulation law. It still hangs in my office It reads:
“I think we hit the jackpot on this one.”
-R. Regan

Yes, pldennison, I’m aware that liberals are TRYING to pretend that they’re attacking George W. for “hypocrisy,” not for using drugs. But come on, do you REALLY buy that? Conservatives swore on a stack of Bibles that they weren’t impeaching Bill CLinton for adultery, but for LYING about it. (I didn’t believe that one, either).

Truth is, ideologues of ALL political persuasions regularly try to argue that…

“Your guy and my guy both committed such-and-such. However, what MY guy did wasn’t REALLY bad, whereas what YOUR guy did was REPREHENSIBLE because yadda yadda yadda.”

Or, “It’s not the OFFENSE, it’s the ______.”

Left wingers who thought Clarence Thomas should be lynched for (allegedly) talking dirty around Anita Hill thought it was fine and dandy for Bill Clinton to (allegedy) drop his pants in front of Paula Jones, because he took no for an answer. (Right wingers, just as predictably, defended Thomas and hated Clinton).

The record is pretty sorry, and neither side has much credibility.

Sure, astorian, to some extent you’re exactly right. I mean, isn’t that almost the definition of modern politics? If I do it, it’s a wekaness to overcome; if he does it, he’s unelectable?

But I do think that the Democrats (or the liberals–I know there’s not much of a difference to you, by and large) know that: a) they’d better tread lightly on condemning drug use per se, since Bill Bradlee already admitted using marijuana and Al Gore is wrapped up in tobacco money and probably used pot in Vietnam, and b) it’s easier to nail someone on backpedaling or hypocrisy than it is on youthful partying.

Phil: Is there much difference between “Liberal” and “Democrat” by anyone anymore? After all, it seems like the Labor Democrats have been tied up, gagged, and thrown in a closet in the DNC headquarters. Same for the old Sothern Dems-- that is, the ones that haven’t become Republicans.

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