S.h.i.e.l.d 3.4.14 t.a.h.i.t.i

Holy guacamole! What the heck was that?

I missed the first 20 minutes but damn that was something at the end. I wish they could have not killed those two guards at the hidden base – those guys were just doing their jobs and is it worth trading two (or more) lives to save one? In any case, they’re ramping up the storyline good enough. I know there was complaints of the stakes seeming too low and not enough of the Marvel Universe was being adequately used, but I think between this ep and the previous, they’re definitely heading the right direction. Next week we get some Asgardians too.

I’m wondering if that blue body in the tank was a clone or something. It seemed pretty obvious that its parts were harvested for Coulson. I couldn’t quite tell if its face was supposed to match Coulson’s, but its chest looked pretty buff and bigger than I’d think Phil’s would be. Is it alien? Is it Asgardian?

And of course… what does T.A.H.I.T.I stand for?

Blue could be Jotun.

Also, acronym abuse. Seriously.

My first thought was the original Human Torch, but that’s probably too esoteric. Second thought was alien. Third thought, same alien species responsible for Skye being there?

My first thought was that it looked alot like Vision.

What the hell does “G H” mean? Grey Humanoid?

Directed by Bobby Roth
Written by Jeffrey Bell

Coulson pushes the team to the edge in order to find a cure to save Skye, and find answers about how he was brought back to life. Answers are found! More questions are picked up. Plus, someone from Asgard!

We pick up where we left off last episode. Skye is bleeding and Simmons is listing her ailments to the SHIELD doctors they have found. They wait a long time in a meticulously decorated waiting room. While Fitz blames himself, and Ward blames Coulson for Skye’s injuries, May refocuses their anger on Quinn for actually shooting her. When the doctor gives them the news that Skye isn’t going to make it, May goes to exact revenge for his actions before Coulson and Ward are able to stop her before death sets in.

Coulson takes Skye (and Quinn against orders) to Bethesda where his records indicate he was brought back to life. He wants to use whatever groundbreaking technology they used to save him, on Skye. He gives FitzSimmons access to records above their clearance level and tasks them to discover how he was brought back to life. He tells Ward about his near death experience on the way, as well.

Ward has doubts about the plan. May says Coulson is the one who would do anything to save anyone on the team. And, that’s why it is important to have him. As opposed to someone like her or Ward, who’s first instinct is to kill.

A couple of SHIELD jets overtake them to get Quinn back to take him to the fridge. Ward’s former boss, Garett played by Bill Paxton (you don’t know him from Independence Day), and his new Ward, Triplett came to pick up Quinn. Garret assumed that Coulson was keeping Quinn on the plane so he could throw him off if Skye died. He got permission to question him on the plane, and wait to take custody. Coulson and Ward arrive in time to stop Ward and Triplett from ruining the lounge of the Playboy Jet.

Garrett shows one of his super powers by grabbing Quinn’s tongue before he is able to put it back in his mouth. He uses this to agree to get questions answered. Quinn tells them that the Clairvoyant knows almost everything, and that the Clairvoyant told him to shoot Skye. Coulson and Garett realize that the Clairvoyant had Quinn shoot Skye so that Coulson would discover what happened to him, and that in turn would tell the Clairvoyant what happened.

In researching Coulson’s case FitzSimmons discovers that he was never in Bethesda, and all of the doctors, medicines, and operating rooms mentioned in the report do not exist. Fitz acquires a bunch of SHIELD files that he and Simmons are able to search through. Apparently, common database searches do not hold a candle to the aerobic search performed by FitzSimmons. They were able to jump around the files and find a file that describes the Guest House that Coulson was treated. At first they thought the file was encrypted, but when they zoomed out they realized it was just an ASCII depiction of the location. Using coffee table books they were able to figure out exactly where to go.

Coulson, Garett, Ward and Fitz went down to the Guest House to break in and get doctors to help Skye, failing that, to get the medicine to help her. They do not know the answer to “How was the drive from Istanbul.” They don’t even attempt something, so they have to say pretty please to get in, which means they hack and shoot their way in. After killing the two guards they realize that the entire base has been loaded with explosives and they have 10 minutes to find the medicine and get out. Fitz and Coulson find it in a back room, and Coulson sends Fitz ahead to deliver the medicine while he investigates an area with a sign that says T.A.H.I.T.I. Garett sends Ward out with Fitz, and goes back to find Coulson. Coulson is walking in a daze yelling about how they shouldn’t give the medicine to Skye. Garett grabs him and they both hurry towards the plane before all of the explosives blow up around them.

Meanwhile, up on the plane Triplett is making dreamy eyes at Simmons. And, Skye keeps coding and needing medical attention. Fitz runs in with the medicine. Right as Coulson gets on the plane Simmons is injecting Skye. He says not to do it, but she says that Skye was going to die anyway, so it couldn’t hurt. Skye’s heart seems to work into double overtime, and then it slows down into a normal pace. Everyone celebrates about Simmons magically saving Skye, even if she doesn’t quite know how she did it.

Garett happily gives Quinn the news that the Clairvoyant was wrong and that they are taking him in with plenty of evidence of his crime. Making the entire viewing public nervous about what kind of creature was going to swoop down and grab Quinn out of SHIELD’s clutches.

Thank goodness May questioned Coulson because it gave us a chance to see what weird shit went down in the TAHITI room. It seems that the GH medicine is made from a Blue creature who is half gone. I am not sure who he is, I am betting you guys have good ideas. My first thought was what was Dr. Manhattan doing in a Marvel property, and was Zack Snyder upset that they used his penis to bring Coulson back to life.

The end of the episode takes us to Death Valley where we see Lorelei convince a newly wed to drive off with her in his Just Married convertible. He promises to protect her.

This episode was not as good as the last episode. It was still enjoyable, so it was not a huge let down. I liked Paxton, I thought he did a great job playing a gung ho SHIELD operative, and he worked well with Clark Gregg’s Coulson. I liked that we got some solid definitive information about Coulson’s resurrection. It’s good to know that not all of the other parts of SHIELD are nefarious, or incompetent. Garret’s team is on the side of good, and they know about Deathlok and had been tracking Quinn.

And, the end piece with Lorelei? I think that bodes well for the next episode. I’m guessing we won’t get very far in answers to questions about Coulson and Skye, but we will have a fun episode. A couple of stand alone episodes are welcome at this point.

My favorite quotes:
“If they scratched my paint, I am going to be pissed.”
“Well, as opposed to a Level A jackass I’m in front of I still follow orders.”
“He died” “He did. That’s tight.”
Playboy Jet
“He still talks about your 1000 yard shot.” “2000 yards.”
“You wouldn’t believe what I sweet talked this one into.”
“Sounds like some wrestler from the '80s”
Basically, any line from Garett was a good one. I don’t know if this is because of the lines, or Paxton’s delivery.

I saw SenorBeef put a list of episodes for the Community thread. I thought that would be a good idea here, too.
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The Vision was constructed from the original Human Torch.
GH could be Grey Humanoid but it sure looked blue to me.
The alien half is there inside?

Yeah, sorry about that, everyone. It looked better when I was typing it out but the capital letters didn’t stick for some reason.

GH apparently means Growth Hormone, harvested from aliens and superheroes, a common occurrence in some Marvel stories, apparently.

I thought this episode had a few Thunderbirds moments with the plane, especially with Bill Paxton’s appearance.

Killed your spoiler - I don’t think it was harvested for Coulson. Phil was clearly and obviously stabbed right through the center of the chest, and apart from a few minor scars, its chest was intact. It wasn’t a clone of Phil either - it’s face didn’t look anything like his. I think SHIELD discovered or got hold of it’s remains somehow, maybe after a spaceship crash or battle - that’s why it was chopped in half so crudely. They did some experimentation and discovered you could extract a super-healing drug from its corpse.

I thought so too, but it didn’t look that much like the Frost Giants from Thor. Didn’t have the skull ridges for one thing.

Once I saw what was in the tube I assumed G.H was the initials of a Marvel character I was unfamiliar with and hoped the Internet would tell me who but it appears we are all in the same boat :slight_smile:

I liked this episode but the whole “We’re her family” stuff fell flat because no one on this show has chemistry so I just didn’t buy it (It reminded me of how the Walking Dead kept telling us instead of showing us how important Sophia was in Season 2).

I was a bit disturbed by the lack of due diligence and forethought of supposedly the best agents of SHIELD just because a team member was dying. They killed the two guards way too flippantly as well.

And why wasn’t May on the away team? Don’t they have a backup who can fly the jet?

They apparently don’t have backup for anything. We’ve never even glimpsed any relief pilots, luggage handlers, plane fuelers, or any of the hundreds of people it would take to keep that team functioning and in the air.

Someone on another board I particpate on guessed that maybe it’s Mar-Vell. I gotta admit that’s a good guess. If not he, then another Kree.

Img for those who want to see it: http://31.media.tumblr.com/bddf20a5e71558319637cfa09bca8ac6/tumblr_n1yx4zWDrE1s4e7p4o1_1280.png

It’s the Green Hornet! :smiley:

My first thought was Dr. Manhattan.

If it’s a Kree, that would be pretty awesome and maybe a tie-in to the later Marvel movies.

Yeah, that would make a nice launching point for introducing the Kree empire, Captain Marvel, and everything else interrelated with that.

The Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be coming out plus the Avengers are eventually going to be going against Thanos. There’s some cosmic stuff out there in the Marvel U and this may lead into it.

Same here. But that would be one heck of a cross-over.

That’s what I was thinking…it would explain why she didn’t have the same reaction to the drug that Coulson did.

Skye was only mostly dead - Coulson was completely dead.