S&M, a truly great CD

Well, CD’s actually, its a two disc set.

Metallica consistantly proves itself to be the best rock band ever, sorry Zepplin and the Stones. This collaboration with the San Fransico Symphonic Orchestra pairs amazingly well with the metal music. A hybrid of the truly unique symbiosis of orchestra and electric guitar, a well done Live CD, and a couple of new tracks. This is my idea of pure emotional music.

If your not a Metallica fan, or don’t like Symphonies listen to this CD, it’ll make you a fan of both. Pure genious.

S&M? CD??

I thought this was gonna have something to do with cross-dressing sado-masochists…
my mistake…

Yes, I am a brat…and it’s hard work!!

What’d you have in mind? I’m open to suggestions :wink:

I’m not sure what to say here - these are the CDs which proved me wrong.

After Reload I had swore up and down that there was no way that they could get any worse.

Hell is Other People.

I thought it was gonna be about the LucasArts Sam and Max game!

Hero For A New Millennium!

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Well, now that chat session makes a lot more sense…

I had a Metallica tape once. Wanted to check it out. Unforgiven is a good tune. The drummer stinks, say my hard core music friends.

Metallica prtered out creatively a long time ago. Everything after And Justice For All…" is boring and overwrought. Even that album is an ill-produced wank-fest that signaled the beginning of the end.

You like Metallica? Check out Ride The Lightning. Now THAT’S the shit…

Yer pal,

its pretty good, but not that good
i dont think it really fits them

also i think they did this just to release another album…

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The album isn’t what I expected… I was hoping for something like Apocalyptica, only with a full orchestra. Instead, it was just the band playing with an orchestra in the background. At least it’s taken the boys ten albums or so before falling prey to this rock cliche. Most bands of their era did it by their third.
I thought there were some good moments, but I don’t know if I would have purchased it, had buy.com not sold it to me for $10 shipped.

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