S-Video Question, won't display or atleast not well?

I have an S-Video interface on my Television that I know works. Well, it did at one time. I’m trying to plug in my video card to it and watch movies that way but for some reason it doesn’t work. When I plug it it, its only in black and white and it seems to be cycling. I only say that because I don’t get a clear picture because horizontal lines keep droping on my television. I’ve tried this on two computers now and I get the same result. Switched cables and it does nothing.

I know this has worked in the past, but that was on a different video card many years ago. Any tips that I may have overlooked? Something stupid that I should have plugged in? Should Surbey just get a new TV?!?!?! (actually, don’t answer this, I don’t need any more encouragement :smiley: )

Where are you located? I ask because the symptoms you describe closely resemble what happens when you try to play an NTSC video source through a PAL television.

This happened to me when hooking up my computer to my TV by S-Video. It turned out the issue was NTSC/PAL setting in the display properties. Check the video card settings applet.
Worth a try for you.

The problem is obviously that your TV is too small. You need to go get a bigger one.