Sad Day for Pittsburgh Sports Fans

Myron Cope Retires

I’ll be flying my Terrible Towel at half-staff.


First off, love the show.

Stan, my comment on ol’ Mahrn…"

It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t been treated to the full Myron Cope experience what the guy was all about. My wife was from upstate New York, and I met her in the DC area, so she had no idea of this phenomenon before we went back to my Mon Valley hometown during foorball season.

I tried warning her. “Look, to us he’s like a beloved old uncle, so we don’t mind. But he has a face made for radio, and a voice made for print.”

She nodded, and guessed that I was exaggerating. The first time, though, his voice came across the TV speaker, her head whipped around and she asked what the hell was going on.

We’ll miss you, Myron.

He was having problems last year. He fell and injured himself the night before a game, and couldn’t go on after starting the broadcast.

I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did, with the way he would get so excited and wrapped up in the emotion of the game. He was definitely not an impartial sportscaster…

Yes, but losing Myron Cope is a bit like having Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning or the USX tower vanish. I noticed his voice was more of a rasp last year and it does seem like it’s time. If any of you have heard footage of his press conference, it’s not the same voice I grew up with.

Let me explain this for people outside the 'Burgh. Myron Cope has been broadcast sports in Pittsburgh for as long as I can remember. Back in the 1970’s when the Steelers won 4 Super Bowls in 6 years, his voice was the one associated with the memories, including the Immaculate Reception. He was as beloved as Harry Karry (I’ve no idea how to spell his name) and an integral part of sports. He was pure Pittsburgh. That’s also the problem. His was truly a “voice made for radio”. Picture a New York accent at it’s purest, say Fran Drescher, only more so. Now take away some, but not a lot, of the nasal quality. That’s sort of close. Back in the 1970’s, there was a horrible screw up somewhere and somehow that voice went out over the airwaves nationwide. People were stunned. The gentleman I’m dating, a native of Michigan still doesn’t get that voice. I can’t explain it - it is not a pleasant voice - put it’s as much a part of watching the Steelers as cheering the Black and Gold on itself. A lot of folks around here, including me, will turn off the audio portion of the broadcast and listen to Myron and company on the radio.

Cope wasn’t perfect. A friend of mine considers him a sexist pig and won’t listen to him because of an incident which happened in the 1970s. His voice, however, was part of my life, rasp, "Yoi! And double yoi!"s and all, and I will miss listening to him. I think that gentleman from Michigan, however, is relieved he’s gone!


When the Steelers would play in a nationally televised game, we would turn the sound down on the TV and turn on WTAE radio, just so we could listen to Myron call the game.

And he’s done a lot to raise awareness of autism. I hope he’s staying active in that area.

Well, I think the fun of listening to Myron was that it wasn’t some communications school-trained classical baritone radio voice, but it felt more real…like it was any regular old fan sitting there in the radio booth and screaming his damn head off when the Stillers made themselves a good play, and shaking his head when there was a “debacle”. In short, Myron Cope was the common man in the radio booth and now that’s never going to be around again.

I’m only 26, so I didn’t hear the “Glory Years” but I remember the broadcasts quite well, and used to turn down the TV same as everyone else, but sadly didn’t get a chance to do that when there was satellite at home (damn 7 second delay). Last year down here in Morgantown (definitely hardcore Steeler country, as is probably most of West Virginia) though, got a chance to do it again and it was fun, but sadly the voice was going and it seemed like the end was near. Now…why even bother turning the sound down?

Well, Myron, best of wishes in your retirement and hopefully your health will improve and you’ll be screaming with the rest of us for years to come…no finer Pittsburgher have I ever seen in my lifetime.

As for this Pittsburgh sports fan, I still can’t believe it. I don’t think I’ll believe it until kickoff of the opener.

What can you do but wish him well? Talk about the Emperor Chaz all you want, talk about Terry and Swannie, talk about Franco and Rocky, but this guy, our Myron, was and always will be the heart of the Steelers.

All this Cope-A-Nut can say is: so, uh, Mm-HAH.

He had an annoying voice, but you loved it all the same. It’s the end of an era, folks. He’s the last we had from the glory years of dem Stillers, an’at.

To me the void extends beyond the Steelers.

Back in the '80s I was an addict of Myrons call-in show on WTAE radio. Good conversation, plus hearing the occasional caller being told that he was full of Gorgonzola.

I remember him being the sports talking head on channel 4…getting the Friday football predictions courtesy of “Doctor Cope and his Cope-A-Scope.”
I think beergeek279 hit the nail on the head about Myron being the common man in the booth. He reminded me of the guy who’s always on the same bar stool every night and can answer every sports question that’s thrown at him.

“This is MY-ron Cope…on…sports.”

So Balle_M, “what’s on your cranium?” :smiley:

As a Cincinnati sports fan (Bengals, Reds…please don’t mock me) I must say I have hated Pittsburgh sports teams all my life. Still, I have fond memories of Myron Cope and my sympathies go out to those Pittsburghers who feel an era ending.

I can’t mock you. I still remember a few years ago when the Bengals won three games. Two of them were against the Steelers. :frowning: