Sad happening on the way to UglyFest

Or: VunderBob does a good deed with very little effort

I’m tooling along in my Chevrolet yesterday, headed for FairyChatMom’s and UglyFest, when I see lots of troopers with people pulled over. I figured I’d better slow it down a bit so I don’t get caught myself. Good thing, too. Read on.

About 3 or 4 miles past the speed trap, I come out of a curve at the crest of a hill, and there’s something in the road. Lots of stuff. Hmm, a very large and very dead dog, and a little farther up, something that looked like a shredded tire, and a little more, a car with something hanging out of the front wheel well on the driver’s side. I decided to stop, even though I had no tools or a cell phone, and see what I could do.

The driver of the car was a little old lady, who was beyond distraught because she had hit and killed the dog. The thing hanging out of the wheel well was the inside liner of the wheel well, which I helped her pull out so she could drive. The rest of the liner was what was in the road near the dog. She had me call the sheriff on her cell phone because she was still incoherent. That was some trick, because I was in unfamiliar territory, and had a hell of a time trying to describe the location, but it got done.

I helped clear the debris from the road, and stayed with her until the cops got there.

She was very appreciative, and after much asking on her part, I gave her my address and phone number for future reference.

I know did a good deed, but I feel cheated. I didn’t exert myself, risk my life, or anything else that makes you feel good for helping out.

I don’t think a good deed must necessarily require anything of you but goodness. Just because you didn’t dodge bullets or administer CPR doesn’t change the value of your assistance to the woman. Of course, now that she has your address and phone number, I expect she’ll stalk you relentlessly. No good deed goes unpunished, you know!


PS - We enjoyed the remnants of your shrimpy treat for lunch today! Yum!

The value of a good deed is not measured in the effort it requires on your part, but the benefit to the recipient. Sounds like a REALLY good deed to me. I would have been very appreciative had someone done the same for me. I’d likely be a basket case after killing a dog.

I’m sure you are a hero to that little old lady, and to several people here, too. Good work!

Superheroes never have to deal with the basket cases. Only the really good people can do that and not make things worse. You did the hardest job of all. You made a total stranger feel secure. To me this is everything, most can’t do it and the rest won’t. This gets really high Kudos form me.

I’m glad the little old lady is OKAY. A big enough dog can flip a car going at just the right speed.

Which is why dogs shouldn’t get driving licenses…

A horrific thing offset by a decent act of human kindness.
Today’s ZenLearning Moment

You were not going to the Uglyfest, you were going to assist that poor old lady that day.

I would have been a basketcase at the seen myself.

I never thought hitting a dog could rip out the lining of a wheel well, either, but I saw the aftermath with my own peepers.

[hijacking my own thread]

Whenever I put my dog in the front seat to ride shotgun, she immediately parks her ass behind the steering wheel. One of the most used lines I have is, “Sadie! Dogs don’t drive in this state!”


Here’s something you may not have thought about:

My 84 year old Mom quit driving last year. She has always been a law abiding citizen and careful driver. If she had been in any sort of accident in her later driving years, she would have been completely undone. If she had killed an animal, it would have been that much worse.

I know I would be terribly upset if I had killed an animnal on the road (especially a dog), but I would have found a way to cope in the short term. I think my Mom would have felt overwhelmed. She would be eternally grateful to anyone who stoppped to help her out.

As I see my Mom age, part of her frailty is the fading of her confidence. The lady you helped probably was INCREDIBLY grateful to you, no matter how simple your kidness seems to you.