Sad: Starlog Magazine is Dead

Starlog magazine has ceased publication after over 30 years. Wow how did I miss this sad news. I was an avid Starlog reader starting with issue #3 and purchased the magazine regularly for about 15 years. It really takes me back: Trek, Space:1999, UFO, I first learned about Star Wars from it’s pages. I thought it was best in the early years and liked the book reviews, interviews with old time SF writers and movie people. The letter section was a jewel, before message boards SF fans would duke it out in SF debates in the mail section. Even in the past year I would occasionally glance at the latest issue and lately I wondered why stores seem no longer to carry it, RIP Starlog.

When it was my only source for Genre entertainment news, then it was indispensable. I remember reading in its pages the first inkling of Revenge Of The Jedi being filmed, and I was instantly hyped.

I got it regularly from the late 80s through to the mid 90s, but inevitably they can’t possibly compete with the internet, when every “scoop” they have now would be six months late.

I’m surprised SFX magazine from the UK is still around.

I used to read that all the time. I guess the internet killed it.

I was surprised to see that there are numerous games, sci-fi and movie magazines still seemingly thriving in the British and Irish markets. I would have thought these would be the first to go as the Internet became more popular for games, sci-fi and movie news etc.

So sad to see it go. It even covered “Blake’s 7”!

Wow. I thought it died 20 years ago!

I first learned about Dark Star from its pages.

EDIT: Zardoz too.

I recall, I think in issue #5, a list of 100 sci-fi movies - I guess all that had been made to date at that point or something - and going thru that list and saying “seen it” - then to dicover Dark Star and a few others. (of course, this was back in middle-school for me, so it was somewhat of an accomplishment then, with only 4 tv channels except at 3am when I might get the good channel if I held the antenna just right).

I think even “slither” was counted among them.

I still have the first 100 issues in a closet somewhere.

I remember really wanting one of the Battlestar Galactica Viper pilot jackets that were advertised in that mag for longer than was strictly reasonable.

I read this for YEARS, and was a subscriber for most of it. I discovered a lot of sci-fi from its pages, and devoured any tidbit of Doctor Who information.

Seems like it went the way of The Dragon, killed by the Internet. :frowning:

Sad, indeed. I first started reading it around '78 or so, when I was a 13-year-old with Star Wars (and sci-fi, in general) on the brain. It exposed me to a bunch of sci-fi that I’d never heard of, but then sought out (such as “Silent Running”).

Had been sporadically reading it, picking up a newsstand copy, for years. But, I agree, the Internet undoubtedly killed it – when you can get instant news on every sci-fi property out there on the Web, a monthly magazine becomes less relevant for too many people.

I read it religiously in the early years. Some great articles about Trek, of course and some interesting pieces about movies. Anybody else remember the story of Rick Baker’s annual halloween extravaganza?

Eventually I drifted away and grew weary of the interviews with anybody who had ever been in an episode of Trek.

Still, RIP good magazine.