Saddam Hussein Charged with 50,000 Deaths

New York Times headline: Hussein Charged with 50,000 Deaths

How will a case like this end?

“Your honor, we find the defendant guilty, guilty, guilty, not guilty, guilty, guilty, we’re deadlocked on number seven, guilty, guilty, not guilty, guilty…your honor? Will there be sandwiches, or something? Guilty, not guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty…”



PS: Mostly this is just a funny post. Surely they don’t try him on each one separately? But if anyone does know how it works, feel free to fight some ignorance.

So if he can prove that he had nothing to do with one of those deaths is he “not guilty”?

Will I be charged for laughing out loud at this? Really loud?

‘not guilty’ of that specific charge… which doesn’t mean that he is ‘not guilty’ in the broader sense.

Do you really think Saddam is going to be found not guilty for even one?