Saddam in the Pacific

Am I the only one who thinks that Hussein and his crew might very well be somewhere in the pacific, sipping drinks with little umbrellas on them?

I mean, Saddam, his sons and several top ranking officials just disappear, and at the same time the Iraqi army ceases all resistance?

The information minister, that creepy guy with the olive green beret, was apparently last seen getting into a car in Baghdad.
How exactly could anyone flee a surrounded city, under contolled airspace, in an occupied country?

Just a thought, its too early to tell…

The city isn’t (or wasn’t) completely surrounded and the country isn’t completely occupied.

Maybe they headed to Tora Bora, got confused, and wound up in Bora Bora instead.

Fair play to them if they’ve got away. Especially the information minister - the man has some sense of humour!

Maybe they all really just got blown up over the course of the last three weeks.