Saddle shoes!

Last time I had a pair of these, I was riding on the back of my brother’s bike and got my shoe caught in the back spokes. Painful deal.

I just ordered a pair of the CM-250s. I thought about the green and white ones, but went for the classic black and white. I think the men’s styles look cool, too. My ten year old daughter is mortified - says I’m going to look like a clown. Granted, there will be limited outfits that will go with these (I’m thinking khaki pants and white oxford cloth shirt).

What do you think?

Aw, man, saddle shoes!!

They were, like, all the rage at St. Margaret’s School when I was a kid. It was cool, because they were popular yet approved footwear. I sooooo wanted a pair, but, oh, no, I had to wear big brown weird-ass orthopedic clunkers from Van Dyke and Bacon because I had messed-up legs!!

Yeah, saddle shoes were the shit. I lusted from afar! :smiley:

Go for it, Creaky. Don’t be chicken.
Join me…

“Muffy’s Modern Traditional”?!?

*…backing away slowly from the insane people… *

JillGat, I did it! I just ordered the saddle shoe number CM-250. Baby! I feel so cool!! I feel so… liberated!! Now I just need to dig out that old plaid skirt, oxford shirt, and roller skates, and I’ll be the coolest girl in the neighborhood!! :smiley:

One down, 21,179 to go.

I loved my saddle shoes when I was in school. Of course, this was a rural/suburban public school in the early 1990’s. I was the only girl in my class who had a pair. But I loved 'em anyway! Heck, I loved 'em because I was the only girl who had a pair. They were special and they were mine.

I had a pair of saddle shoes (not the same pair, but a pair at any given time) from the time I was six until I was twelve. And when I was 12 I wore 'em to a sock hop with a homemade wool-felt poodle skirt and won a prize for best outfit.

I haven’t seen saddle shoes since I was in grade school! Mine were brown and white and large as I had really big feet for my age. Saddle shoes just seemed to accentuate that unfortunately. And I seem to remember kilties too. Only dad didn’t like them so mom took them off the shoes.

Um, think I’ll pass for right now.

I have a pair that I bought a few years back when I was actively swing dancing (2-3 times a week) that are specially made for dancers. They’re light as a feather and have excellent arch & heel support–I love them, but as I don’t dance like I used to, I don’t wear them much anymore.

I think if I see you or any other Doper Wumman wearing an outfit like this, I will be incinerated with lust. Oops, can I say that to a Mod? Don’t ban me! Please!

Seriously, that is a savvy fashion statement that only a confident and sexy woman can make. Go for it, Jill. It sounds like something Betty Bacall would be seen wearing in the early 1950s. And there ain’t a damn thing wrong with that.

Oh, and if you can find a masculine-styled hat to wear with it, like a fedora or something, I swear I won’t be responsible for my testosterone.

Flash back to the early 1970’s. Platform shoes, 3 inch heals, about an inch thick in the front. White and blue saddle shoes. Yep, I had a pair and wore them regularly. Of course with a pair of bell bottom cuffed pants, shirt with baggy sleeves. I even had the long hair too.

Oh god now there are memories I didn’t need to be dredged up! The hell of religious school!!! NO MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!

Cool! I like the reverse saddle, but I thought they would be updated with a chunky lug soles, and they don’t they look an awful lot like golf shoes?

How about a plaid skirt and knee socks to go with em?

Now see, I think a dress or skirt with these shoes - for an adult woman - would be a big mistake. Opal, I never went to religious school, so my only bad saddle shoe memories were getting one caught in the spokes! I think you should get some of these shoes and take back the power.

OpalCat, stay strong! Don’t give in to their subtle psychological ploys.

“Modern Traditional”! Hmmph!

Yep, seventh grade pep squad. They were like the LB230’s.

We’re big B I G!
We’re bad B A D,
and we’re boss, B O S S B O S S boss!

Defense! Defense!
Push’em back, Pull’em back any way to get’em back, way back!

Oh um ok flashback is over :o

I want the Mary Janes. You have no idea how hard it is to find a pair of plane, black, low-heeled, attractive mary janes.

Love it! I have a pair I drag out of the closet from time to time from the 80’s. They are grey suede with a light pink saddle n light pink laces. Oddly enough, it’s the men who always comment on how cool my shoes are.

I hate pink, so I don’t wear em often. :smiley:

Oh, I would dearly love to have a pair of saddle shoes. And Maryjanes. Sadly, I have no money with which to purchase said extravagances of footwear. :frowning:

Update: The Mary Janes are going to come out in red soon, too.