Sadly, farewell to Dr. Watson.

Dr. Watson, one of our Teeming Millions from our earlier days, has passed away.

He was one of the truly unforgettable characters in the rich pageant here and we will genuinely miss him.

For more information, please see this thread from fathom:

Regarding Dr. Watson

your humble TubaDiva

I remember him. That is indeed very sad. :frowning:

I remember him as well. :frowning:

I remember him, too. My boss is also a Dr. Watson, so seeing Dr. Watson’s SN always made me smile.


Oh Damn, I’m sorry to hear of this. Dr. Watson was a fine acerbic soul who would quote ol’ RW Emerson. Ain’t many like that. I always enjoyed him. Some of his fine moments on this board:

Last Post:

Sadly, the five other threads I tried to post didn’t work. I imagine they were lost in the switch to the new system. But any man who could quote ol’ RW Emerson in swell context is a fine soul in my book.

May your heart find it’s best resting place in this wild weird universe, Doctor Watson.

This is truly sad, sad news. He was one of those rare people who managed to be erudite about just about everything, it seemed, and was still genuinely hilarious.
My deepest sympathies are with his children. He posted about them so often; just little things, like trying to learn how to braid his daughter’s hair and being there when one of them woke up from a nightmare.
What a terrible loss.



I wish I knew him better…


This sad news was actually mentioned back on February 5 in this thread

but it didn’t receive much attention then. Not really remembering who Dr. Watson was, I didn’t respond to the initial thread. However, I did a search for some of his threads, both on here and on 3FMB, and he did seem like a very friendly and funny fellow. R.I.P., Dr. Watson.

was that other thread about the same DrWatson? That one says “He started coughing last night. My brother who did know him (and saw him last out of our family), said he was coughing more than usual. We don’t know what the autopsy will reveal at this point. But last night he started coughing, then stopped breathing all together. His mom, disabled, and his sister at home (for once) called 911, but nothing could be done.”

it also said he wasn’t into the boards (“he was the one who gave me one of Cecil’s books. I read this site for awhile before trying the messageboard. He wasn’t really interested in that, being addicted to his Mud.”)

So I think we’ve lost TWO DrWatsons… :frowning:

I’m afraid Opal’s right here - two different stories, with -coincidently- the same name.

Dr. Watson was one of the posters that used to make me sit up in my chair whenever I saw his name in a thread (prior to Dr. Watson, he used the moniker “Crick’n’Watson”, or something similar). His posts were always educating, and often entertaining. His ability to quote a wide variety of people off the top of his head was nothing short of amazing. I wish his family and friends strength in dealing with this tragic loss.

Very sad news indeed. I always enjoyed his posts very much. :frowning:


I met him in Rochester last year. I was shocked to hear of his death. He was a very interesting person. :frowning:

Oh, dear; I do remember him and he will be missed.

Oddly, I thought of Wally last night while watching “The Simpsons”—that scene with the Rent-a-Widow weeping over a tombstone that read “Wally.”

Damn. Any future Guy Stuff thread won’t be the same.

Sigh. He will be missed; many’s the time he caused me to pass a beverage through my nose…

That’s really too bad. He was the master of sigs. Dr. Watson was a perfect screen name for him. I was always amazed by his insight.

I was just wondering aobut Crick and Watson the other day…

He was a great poster, and I wish him peace.

Sad to hear this.

OpalCat, I don’t have the F3 board bookmarked on my work computer. Are they aware of Dr. Watson’s passing?

Oops. I guess I was shocked by the news. I do see now that there is an F3 thread. Melin pointed it out to me.

The board will miss the good doctor. :frowning: