I have found a new level of Dante’s Circle.

I can’t ever never uh huh finish crossword puzzles.
So, instead of just medicating myself properly, I found Saduko to torture my two gray neurons left.
Anyone else try this?

I only have the PennyWise Press’ game book thingie.

Anyone try it online?

Saduko Quest Play it free and torture yourself for hours.

It’s actually Sudoku, and yes, I love it. The Post runs a game every day and I like it a lot more than crosswords (which I like a lot).

It’s even replaced the bridge column in the Chicago Tribune.

People still play bridge?

This hit big over this side of the Atlantic earlier this year. Most papers now run some level of grid.

Very addictive. A perfect time waster.

I’ve got a nice little exe that sits on my desktop and gets used quite often :slight_smile:


Woo Hoo! Another timewaster!!

I tried it a bit. It got too easy, too quickly. And even if I never use adit and nene in conversation, there’s at least a little creativity in crosswords and not a pure numeric grind.

Give me the Puzzler from Atlantic Monthly; that’s a mental workout.

Word. I’m not even sure I understand the instructions in this month’s Puzzler.

DeVena I like it! And the levels to choose from:

Easy - Medium - Hard - Evil

Oh dear. I’ve been using the Lovatt’s site, which posts one a day. I had been looking for a MSN or Yahoo version.

Super. No more work done, ever. Thanks :slight_smile:

Is that the September eleven-clue-answers-lose-something one? If it is, a small hint…

See if you can get the answer to 9 Down and put it in the grid. That may help you find what’s missing.

Just jumping in to say that I, too, like to waste my time with Sudoku and provide another link: . Their application is intuitive, it enables pencilmarks and branching when you’re not sure if you’re on the right track. And they give you a whole month to evaluate it before yoe decide whether to buy it or not.

Wooo Hooooo!
Work is down.
Time Wasting Up.
My job is done here.


That’s the one. I appreciate the hint.

I, too, have gotten hooked on Sudoku puzzles. But nothing will ever take the place of my real love, the Quote-Acrostic in the Saturday WaPo.

Not to sound like a little shit, but this has been one of the pencil puzzles in Games magazine for about 5 years - I can’t figure out why its suddenly exploded - fun, for sure, and almost all the puzzles are able to be done by anyone, with enought time and thought…


My kinsman! I’ve done every Puzzler for about 15 years, and by purchasing the books have probably solved every single one since they started. I love them. Cox and Rathvon rule.

I have a friend in the Chemistry dept. who loves crossword puzzles. I naturally thought of him when I did the September puzzler, and sent it to him. It drove him completely bonkers, kept him up (I think) well past his bedtime and distracted him from more important duties. He finally solved it with a lot of hints from me, and then reviled it as “contrived.”

I guess cryptics aren’t for everyone.

Back to the OP. I’ve been solving the Soduko puzzles for about a month. I only do the Sundays, since they are the hardest, and I can’t believe how long it takes to solve them. I think they are fun and a good challenge, but given the natural constraints on the puzzle I think the fad will pass quickly. There’s no way to make a theme or be inovative in constructing the puzzles, and there’s no charm to the construction (I bet computers spit them out and humans aren’t even involved).