Safe emulsifier to get lemon oil and water to bind for spider repellant

I’ve got a black widow issue inside my kitchen. I’ve read that lemon or other citrus essential oil added to water and sprayed is very effective, but it separates too quickly.

Is there a safe and simple emulsifier I can use for something that is going to be sprayed around my house and food and whatnot? Will a little bit of natural soap do it?

Prepared mustard? I’d suggest egg yolk but that would spoil eventually.

Something like lecithin or glycerin flakes would work as well, but those are not typical kitchen ingredients. I’d probably go to one of those for this indication, since I do have them.

Unnatural soap would probably work fine too.

I use a combination of horticultural oil and soap concentrate on indoor plant pests and it mixes up well.

Thanks, looks like you’re right. I used just a tiny drop of some shower gel and it works perfectly without being soapy. You spared me a trip to buy some “natural” expensive junk. (No small thing since I don’t drive anymore)