Safe to reuse sandwich box after storing mouse?

Argh, just after midnight, getting a pleasant scotch-induced glow on, and Yorkie my 10-year old rescue Moggie proudly leaps in through the window with a live mouse. I manage to clamp the first thing I can find over the mouse as he is playing with it which turns out to be my large sandwich/salad plastic airtight box with nifty lid clips, successfully slide the lid under mouse and seal it safely inside.
I trot over to the nearby park and gently lob mouse into bushes.

Question …I have thoughly scrubbed the box with washing up liquid and sprayed it with disinfectant and left it thus for the night…am I in much danger of catching some hideous mouse-carried disease next time I eat salad from it?

Sorry, no cat pics.

Soak it in bleach water. I am unsure if you will be ok or not. I do not know what the mice in your area are carriers of. For me, I’d probably pitch the container, since Kansas mice can carry the Hantavirus, which is transmittable through their pee, and they leave a trail of pee wherever they go. (I read a science article where they made the trails the mice make flouresce in order to study their movements and feeding habits.)

I’m sure what you’ve done is more thorough than most restaurants, and you KNOW they have mice…

thanks, zabali, I live in the UK tho so hopefully no problemo.

Beowulff, I think you nailed it, thanks :slight_smile:

And so to bed.

I’m sorry- I’d sacrifice the box, but I’m squeamish that way.

I would assume it’s safe (although I really don’t know for sure), but I would be far too ooged-out to use it again.

I honestly don’t know what danger might be posed, but if it were me, I’d give it a quick scrubbing, rinse it out, and put it back in circulation.

And never tell my wife of what happened.

Except for frequent and cryptic jokes she won’t get, like telling her it’s “squeaky clean”.