Safe to run a 12V monitor with a 16V power supply?

I was recently given an old (dates to 2000) Samsung 17" LCD monitor, model 170MP, which was missing its power supply. I ordered one on ebay (the seller was advertising the supply for the exact model I had). The power supply that I was shipped is rated at 16V. I didn’t notice when I ordered, but the monitor specifies 12V input (the monitor uses a nonstandard plug, otherwise I’d use one of the many 12V regulated power supplies I have sitting around).

The seller claims that it is safe to use this power supply, but of course it’s not his screen that will be killed if it’s not. Any ideas?

That’s way over voltage. I wouldn’t do it. Can you cut off the 16V plug wire a foot or two back and splice a power supply of sufficient amperage and the correct voltage to the 16V plug wire? Note that the amperage requirements of stand alone LCD screens tend to be at least an amp or two. Can you get the PS specs from Dell?

If you do not find a way to adjust the voltage to 12 volts you will let the smoke out.

Send the power supply back. It won’t work.

It might work.

It’s not worth the risk of fire or damage. Return it and get the correct power supply, preferably a Samsung one but otherwise one with the right Voltage & Amperage and polarization.