Safety Razors

The only razors I see sold in supermarkets and the like are the disposable ones…either the whole thing or just replaceable razor heads.

They still sell disposable safety razor blades, but what about the handle it goes into? Do they still sell them?


Yup, here.

AFAIK the major safety razor blade manufacturers also sell razor handles for them, much cheaper than the luxury ones that Tapioca Dextrin’s link points to, but their publicity and web sites tend not to mention these. Probably standard safety razor blades are too commoditized to offer a large profit margin.

I just checked the Gillette, Schick and Bic websites. Nothing there. The only places that seem to have handles for sale are the luxury places. A good source of razor makers is here.

Enola Straight, I had bought a new safety razor handle (Wilkensons sword) on Ebay.
I used it and those 2 sided, single edged blades for about 6 months, then scrapped it.
I’ll tell you why; all the razors you find at your local store, including the better ones like Mach 3, all have one thing in common: the blade is tilted at an angle, which follows the curves of you face, chin, legs, etc… The old safety razor heads aren’t tilted. The blade sticks out straight horozontally. Which makes real easy to gash yourself something fierce. I remember back in the late 60’s/early 70’s when disposables first came out, the commercials made a point about the heads being tilted.

On the other hand, the single edge safety razor delivers a hell of a close shave. So if you use one, keep in mind what you’re doing. If you just stroke it down like you would a disposable, you’ll sooner or later find yourself trying to apply a tourniquet to your face or leg. Hold it at a slight angle.