Saga of the Exiles & Galactic Milie by J. May

Hello all,

I’vde tried to find good review on thesde books but failed so far…a freind said I had to check them out.

I have plenty of other stuff on my to read-list…so for those of you who have read them - are they good? Worthwhile putting higher on my list or just leave them dangling on the bottom?

The Galactic Milieu series i found a bit slow and dull although it does have it’s moments.

I’d definitly reccomend the Saga of The Exiles books however.Warning, it takes a while to get going but it’s worth persisting. Each book is better than the previous one.

Thanks…btw I do now realize how much of a loser I look with my typos

I would heartily recommend pretty much everything May has written about the Pleiocene Exiles and the Galactic Milieu. The books are very rich and detailed, and they’re some of the most intelligently-written books I’ve ever seen. Characters that act realistically, lots of intrigue and backstabbing, Good Guys, Bad Guys and everything in between. This is one of my favorite sci-fi series ever. I’d put them right about the quality of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. The Milieu stuff is a little slower than the Exiles series but it’s still great.