Sainsbury's have weaponised Steam Achievements

I received an email from Sainsbury’s. This supermarket is my local since I do not drive and I actually like them very much. Good range of stuff, large fresh section, friendly staff.
But THIS…They have emailed me to say I am rank #6 in July in the buying of their own brand diet Indian Tonic Water (with Lemon)! And apparently I championed tinned Irish Stew and the Casseroles and Stews team wish to thank me.
Seriously? Shopping now has an achievements system? Like Steam? And the horrible part is I began to wonder how much Sainsbury’s own brand diet Indian Tonic Water (with Lemon) I would have to buy to take 5th spot next month!!! I bet the next email will actually TELL me how much Sainsbury’s own brand diet Indian Tonic Water (with Lemon) I need to buy to gain this rank!! I bet it does!!!

This is horrible. And brilliant. Shopping now has an Achievement System. Oh god.

It could be worse. Spare a thought for the poor sod who was number one in Tena Lady and had the congratulations of the Incontinence team.


How do you know they didn’t just spam everybody on their list and told them ALL they were #6?

Congratulations you are number one for Buckfast from the alcohol(ic) team would be pretty bad too.

You are number 6.
I am not a number, I am a free man!

Not a prisoner, I’m a free man
And my blood is my own now

Golf clap…

Or the guy who gets an email from his pharmacy saying he’s number one in Viagra sales and the erectile dysfunction team wants to thank him.

“erectile dysfunction team” sounds like it belongs in the band names thread. :slight_smile:

Their first song, a slightly-modified cover of Van Halen’s “Jump”: “I don’t get it up - but that don’t get me down…”