a friend and i went to a chinese restaurant. he ordered warmed Saki. It was his first time trying it, so he picked up the pot and poured it into his little porcelain cup. To his dismay he said it tasted like water. I watched him do it wondering what the hell he was doing, but decided to wait and see for myself. Just for those of you who have never had warmed Saki, the Saki is in a separate container. The outermost container is just hot water!

I will never let him forget what he did!:smiley:

I love sake-- it’s nice and warn and hits your brain fast. There’s actually a decent brewery in Forest Grove, Oregon (Momokawa); I think there’s also one under the University off-ramp bridge in Berkeley that gives tours but I haven’t tried it.

Yes, warm sake is heavenly. Oddly, you can’t find actual Japanese sake around here. It’s all locally produced, although often by locally-based Japanese companies.