Sales people: How much is your commission?

I support software sales from a legal and operations side, and I think 10-15% commission is very, very high, and out of line of industry norms. At the places I’ve worked, software sales is more like 5-8%, more if you’re a third party reseller, depending on the volume of the deal. If the software is more commoditized, then the commission is going to be less, as low as 1% (thanks to companies like CDW and ASAP). If the software is highly customizable, then the commission will be greater, though I still think anything over 10% is outrageously high (unless you’re a reseller). There’s also the professional services element which can probably make a higher commission, but that all depends on the utilization of the consultants involved and if the professional services team is revenue driven, as opposed to just a value-add. Sales engineers also get a cut as do sometimes consultants, though I think they are typically paid on the back end. Sales is probably around low $100ks - $110, maybe $115k, stellar sales is definitely over $150k, and we had one guy make $11M (that’s million). Sales engineers are much lower as low as mid-$80s, but no higher than $160k, the sales engineer with the $11M-guy maybe made $250k (the SEs have a lot of caps in their commission plan). Consultants can make a bit more, but they average around $110k, but won’t make any more than say $180k because it impossible to physically work so many hours or in so many areas.

My gf’s sister is a wholesale mortgage seller, and she makes anywhere from .25-2%, but it’s mainly under 1%, but she still makes 6 figures.

Real estate agents in my area make 3%.

My little sister, before college, was making something like 2% at the mall. All I know is it averaged to be $15/hr, this was at trendy fashion clothes store; maybe she was a good seller, but it definitely destroyed my per $8hr/avg selling shoes. My sister now is a Certified Financial Planner, and she sells a ton of insurance and 403(b) and 401(k) plans. Commission varies widely with the product, from 2% for stocks and mutual fund driven plans, to 50% of the premiums for insurance plans.