Yesterday I ate two raw eggs, this morning I ate two raw eggs. I have never ever eaten a raw egg in my life before yesterday. About noon today when I was driving in my car, I was struck by an intense sharp pain in my stomach and abdomen. It lasted for a minute or two and then went away. It came back twice more and lasted for about the same duration. I then had pretty bad diarhhea. I have been fine since then, except for a constant small ignorable stomach pain.
They say 1 in 30,000 eggs in the country is infected. That gives me a 1 in 7500 chance that one of those eggs was infected.
Or, could it be that I’ve been drinking heavily the last 4 nights?

And I’m leaving for college tomorrow morning, great timing.

Ah hell,
It lists the last outbreak in my home state.

When I had salmonella at age 3 (many moons ago), I was the first case in the area in 10 years.

Sounds to me that you had some sort of food poisoning, but probably not our friend Sal. IANAD.

If I had a pet salmon, I’d name her “Ella”. If I had another one, I’d name him “Rushdie”.

Salmonella symptoms do not generally appear prior to 6 hours post-ingestion - did you eat your eggs after 6am? Were the eggs fresh and properly refrigerated (below 40F)? The easiest way to avoid most forms of food poisoning is to cook your food well and wash your hands after handling raw eggs/meat/fish.

The only time I had Salmonella I had such a violent reaction, from both ends of my alimentary canal, that I was completley unable to leave the bathroom for five solid hours. Then had to go to the hospital to be put on a drip for a day.

Based on my own experience, I would say that you did not have Salmonella, but maybe they breed more vicious Salmonella in a certain hotel in Limerick which, for the purposes of this thread shall remain namless!!