Salsa: Dance or Party Food?

Anyone out there involved in the salsa mining industry? Or something like that. Anyway, I’m just wondering whether or not salsa and picante sauce are the same thing. Is it a different product or just some regional thing?

from what I know they can be the same thing but different producers use the terms to have more products and to indicate a different taste.

Once you have mild, med, hot salsa there isn’t much room for a flavor change so then tag there other line picante.

just my humble O

Depends on whom you ask.

Salsa is the Spanish word for “sauce.” We Merkins have hijacked the word to mean the tomato-based, chunky embellishment for tortilla chips. But back to Spanish- in Spanish-speaking lands, any sauce is salsa. Hollandaise sauce is salsa hollandaise (or a similar spelling). Spicy sauce is salsa picante.

Picante sauce is just another term for the stuff Merkins call “salsa.” I suppose it’s technically closer to the original Spanish, seeing as it uses one Spanish word (picante; “spicy”) and “sauce.”

rastahomie is right. I just want to add that many Spanish-speakers call hot sauce (salsa picante) simply picante.

Salsa holandesa

Soy sauce is salsa china, Russian dressing is salsa rusa and Worcestershire sauce is salsa inglesa (English sauce).