Salsa Music Lost Some Flavor Today

The voice that sang in countless salsa music classics has passed away today. Celia Cruz was an uncomparable legend in not only our music but also our culture.

I was lucky to have been able to see her perform live a few years ago and it was a performance that I will never forget. Her music was uplifting and her presence exuded confidence and happiness. I never saw her without her golden smile that was as inspiring as her powerful voice. Goodbye Queen of Salsa.


Also, I would like to say goodbye to another great musician. The Grammy award winning member of the Buena Vista Social Club Compay Segundo passed away this past weekend. I also had the pleasure of seeing him perform live. He was 92 at the time and he was dancing with his guitar, while he was playing merengues and danzons, as if he were 20 years old. It was truly inspiring to see a man of his age moving and dancing and singing the way he was that night.

Adios Compay

The bodies of these legends may be gone, but the memories that they have left through their music will last forever.