Salt in packaged food

Is the salt used in canned, frozen, and otherwise packaged food generally iodized or not iodized? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a label specify iodized so I guess not?

Generally, no.


A very interesting article. Thank you. If iodized salt is the same price as non-iodized, I wonder why it isn’t used in packaged food.

In the volume a cannery uses salt, iodized may not be the same price as plain. Also, iodized salt can discolor certain canned foods.

Salt is by far one of the cheapest ingredients in food processing. (Did you know that Cargill alone makes more than 50 varieties of food salt?)

Iodized salt is not used in cooked or baked goods because it can add a bitter flavor when heated.

As an addition to this question (which I’ve wondered myself, since I’ve started trying to have a low sodium diet), is there a recommendation for people to take iodine supplements when they reduce the sodium in their diets?

Not according to this article. It is from 2011 though.