Salt licks and corn

We are not hunters. However, we hate deer, as they destroy all our plantings. We have this guy who has requested and received our permission to bow hunt on our land. I know he uses salt licks and corn to get the deer to cluster around his stand. Two questions. First, is he really just attracting deer and exacerbating our landscaping probems? Second, is using salt and corn illegal. I really don’t want to be dragged handcuffed into jail because I gave this guy the permission to bow hunt on our land.

Nobody is going to have a clue until, at the very least, you tell us where you are.

Don’t know where you live, but I believe around these parts the hunter could be in some serious trouble for baiting deer. I’d pull up CDOW regulations but, unless you’re in Colorado, they may be irrelevant.

See, I was going to say that feeders are okay on private land in Texas (I don’t know for sure).

See? We need to know from whence you post.

Colorado Division of Wildlife Big Game Hunting brochure states:
9. Use dogs or bait to hunt bears, deer, elk, pronghorn or moose. Bait means
to put, expose, deposit, distribute or scatter salt, minerals, grain, animal parts
or other food as a lure, attraction or enticement for big game. Scent sticks
that smell like food are illegal for bears.

In Minnesota, you can place salt licks out, but not food/grain as bait.

In Indiana, you can put out salt and food to get deer in the habit of coming to your spot, out of season. It had better be gone when the season opens, though. The waste grain in a recently harvested field does not count as bait.

There are legal lures, too. Deer are intensely curious, and they hear and smell very well. Bucks are lust-crazy, and they check out anything vaguely hormonal. Used tampons and even used condoms, nailed to trees, will attract lovelorn bucks. Those things don’t smell like a doe, but they sure smell sexual.

A little radio or iPod hung in a tree is peculiar enough to draw a curious deer or two.

In Wisconsin this would be illegal, and add apples to the list of forbidden bait. In some areas of Wisconsin it is now illlegal to use such baits for any reason, including photography and just because you like watching the deer while sitting on the back porch. These restrictions are an effort to slow down the spread of a certain disease ( I think it is called CWD,Chronic Wasting Disease) that is made worse when deer become too populace in a given area. Mrs. Seenidog says it is already too late, as she claims I have had Chronic Wasted Disease since the 70’s.