Samantha Bee on Christian oppression


In other news, the Homosexual Industrial Complex would be a great name for a gay bar.

That was some funny shit. He almost realized the stupidity of what he was saying but by the time we got to the jacuzzi, it was gone.

These bits are hilarious, but I’d love to see just how much selective editing is required to create the desired impressions…

That would be interesting if it were being presented as some kind of reportage …
instead of as satire.

Quite a bit, as it turns out:

I dunno, that mostly reads to me like he’s trying to spin himself out of bad publicity. He has the right to his opinion and the right to share it. He even has the right, to a certain extent, to seclude himself from negative opinions of his opinion. He does not, however, get to disallow other private individuals of that same right to opinion.

edit: I need this on a macro or something.

“You don’t like the Goths?"
“No! Not with the persecution we have to put up with!”
“Religious persecution. We won’t stand for it forever.”
“I thought the Goths let everybody worship as they pleased.”
"That’s just it! We Orthodox are forced to stand around and watch Arians and Monophysites and Nestorians and Jews going about their business unmolested, as if they owned the country. If that isn’t persecution, I’d like to know what is!”
-Lest Darkness Fall

Couldn’t have said it better myself, IS.

He went on The Daily Show. Its satire. If he or his handlers don’t know that by now, tough titties, as my grandma used to say.

I often wonder how some of these interviewees have managed (apparently) to stay so ignorant of what The Daily Show is about. Some really seem to believe that the nodding interviewer genuinely agrees with them.

I guess that’s yet another proof of the ‘people live in partisan bubbles’ theory.

And to Inner Stickler’s remarks:

Absolutely, positively, Yes to that.

Matt Slick says:

Everyone knows praying has no effect upon video editing. Matt Slick was taking quite a chance, and it backfired. It just proves Christians are persecuted, as he claimed.

I do know one thing. The Daily Show has said that they never edit things so that the answer was not to the question they asked. But they will edit it to insert snarky comments or to change how sincere they appeared when asking.

I only skimmed the blog post, but I saw two telling bits: one is “I never met the host of the show Jon Stewart.” This tells me the guy had basically no idea what The Daily Show does, and that makes him kind of an idiot for agreeing to be on the show. The other is the whole “gays bullying straights” thing, where calls the Jesse Dirkhising case an instance of gays attacking a straight kid - based on a quick reading of Wikipedia it’s actually a story of two pedophiles drugging and raping a 14-year-old. Slick doesn’t appear to understand the difference and he’s using it as an instance of gay people as a group going after straight people. That makes me think the Daily Show piece gave a very accurate impression of his views. He also agreed to walk around in public with Bee screaming things like “I have a Christian here!”

I’m a big fan of the show, and I wasn’t even focused on this segment specifically. I understand it isn’t straight (ha!) news, but I still think it would be interesting to see the editing choices and process. I especially loved the part where he was concerned about losing his freedom of speech, and mentioned that he has a radio show in the same breath!

Hard to believe that he didn’t express these views with all the things he did say in a single breath, such as saying he was worried about someone telling him not to say things on his radio show (which apparently hasn’t happened) as an example of how Christians are being bullied.

No, it’s interesting precisely because it is satire.

This seems like the best place to put this “exclusive” web video.

Check it out.

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The funny thing is that retired and with three kids living in the US, it is precisely that I can’t give up healthcare that prevents me moving to America.

Slick - what a name for this guy - also seems to have assumed the Daily Show was talking about physical violence when they talked about people being bullied.