Sambal Ketjap from Suriname - what should I cook?

A friend went home to Suriname for a visit and returned with gifts–namely, casaba chips and sambal ketjap. The chips are long gone, but I’m still wondering what to cook with the ketjap. Is anyone here from Suriname, and could you suggest something that’s good and traditional? The country is a melting pot of cuisines based on what my friend has said, but I’d rather not stray too far from what I would find in Paramaribo.

Ingredients (thanks to Google for the translation): water, salt, sugar, soy beans, Oriental herbs, vinegar, flavor enhancer and preservative (sodium benzoate). It’s something between soy sauce and molasses, leaning more to the molasses side, with onion (maybe), ginger (more likely) and/or other spices added and cooked down for a *long *time.

I hope that no one minds a bump.

Well, I dunno about the Suriname thing. It will no doubt be an adaptation, to whatever extent, of local + Malay/Indonesian/Dutch cuisine.

So with that in mind, here’s a generic list of recipes that use ketjap manis.

I think you’re right. It is the same thing. Thanks