samclem, why did you move the "Medical/Legal Question" from GQ to GD?

This is a question about SDMB administration, so I guess it goes here.

The thread: Medical/Legal Question started out in GQ, and asked a question about legal ethics. Why did you pop it into GD so quickly, before anyone even had a chance to respond?

Legal ethics is not automatically contentious. Some questions of legal ethics have straightforward answers, governed by legal codes of ethics or statutes, as turned out to be the case in this question. So why the immediate assumption that it was a debate?

Frankly, I assume from your reaction that you thought that some lawyers would try to defend this sleazy behaviour, which would turn it into a debate. I think your action shows more of a sterotypical view of lawyers on your part than any careful thought.

The question of legality was factual, but a debate about ethics can only go in GD. (IMHO, of course.)

It’s been my experience that simply answerable questions get answered pretty quickly, in GQ or elsewhere.

I’d like to present Exhibit A, Your Honor: the length and complexity of the thread in question, which goes to establish “not simply answered” status.

I may have reacted just a bit fast, but I remember thinking:

  1. Sure, there is a factual legal answer.
  2. Ethical? This one isn’t so simple. And, NO, I had no ideas about lawyers defending the action.

I made the decision that the questions could still be factually answered in GD, and would be better off there if the ethical question got involved.

Perhaps not one of my better judgement calls. Sue me. :slight_smile:

I also wondered about the decision. However, if I were able to make dozens of decisions and have the vast majority be equitable, I would be happy. Kudos on that.

Oh, and this is the pit, so a hearty “Fuck You, smegmabreath”. :wink: