Samsung Galaxy S3 battery dies in 7 hours - any tips to improve this?

I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S3 and am astounded at its amazingly short battery life. If I go to bed with the phone at a 100% charge, it dies in about 7 hours, just in time for when I wake up.

I’ve looked all over the internet and tried various things:

  • As a starter, I’ve disabled wi-fi, 3G, and all syncing
  • Brightness is turned down to near the very bottom
  • I’ve enabled Energy Saver functions
  • I’ve disabled all the haptic feedback stuff, sounds for interface things, etc.
  • I’ve tried Juice Defender on Aggressive mode
  • I’ve tried stopping some processes, like S-Voice, and various Samsung processes like Samsung Account, Samsung Apps, Samsung Backup

Nothing seems to work, and the most I’ve gotten out of it is maybe 7.5 hours, and that’s with me not using it at all (i.e. me sleeping). The only thing I haven’t done is turn off actual cell reception, because, well, it’s a phone, and that’s the core function I use it for.

I wonder if any of the wise minds here might know something else I can try. Is it possibly just a bum battery?

Do you live in an area with poor cell reception? This will cause your phone to expend a lot of battery power searching for a better signal.

I replaced the 2100mah battery on my S3 with a 7200mah battery, and now it lasts for about two and a half days. Feels like a brick, but it works much better.

In most Android implementations, there’s a way to get to a settings screen for Battery which will show you the relative use on the device - which items are causing the battery to drain. That might help figure it out.

I had a Samsung Galaxy S3 as well, and the poster above who mentioned poor signal and battery depletion is definitely correct. In certain areas, I could watch my battery drop by 50% in 4 hours. When you look at your battery stats, I believe there is also an indicator of cell signal strength during those times. Is it green, red, yellow, or black (black is no signal). When the signal is weak, the phone will amp up the power to a ridiculous degree trying to compensate for it.

It’s the reason I got rid of the phone and switched to an LG G2. The battery is larger, yes, but I can get a good 3 days out of it and it doesn’t deplete nearly as quickly in weak signal areas.

If you’re at home why not just plug it in?
You can get a case with an additional battery built in. That was my friends solution for hers.
If it is still returnable it would be worth upgrading to an s4, the s4’s battery life blows the s3 out of the water.

Thanks for the responses, everyone.

Hmm, I think this could be the issue - I sometimes only get 1-2 bars (though I’m not sure - the indicator on the battery history is mostly green with some yellow). Is there any way to let it settle for lower signal and let it stop searching like a madman?

Is the 7200mah battery safe? If so, perhaps I should buy this:

I’m showing Android System as taking up about 30% after a 7 hour completely hands off period, while Cell Idle is also about 30%. I’m having trouble figuring which specific Android System processes to disable, or if it would be safe to do so.

I have an S3 and get almost a day’s use on a full charge. Your turnoff notes said nothing about GPS. You need to turn active GPS off if it’s on and you are not using it for navigation… It will drain a battery quite quickly.

Look into getting another battery, They are dirt cheap on ebay and you might simply have a clunker. I replace mine annually.

If they’re not hiding somewhere other than Location Services, they’re also disabled.

I think I will get another battery, with the higher capacity, as that’ll be good even if fiddling around with settings nets me a little more battery life.

That’s the one I bought. It will make your phone twice as thick and at least twice as heavy (it comes with a new back to accommodate the larger battery), but it will triple the battery life.

If you click “cell idle” or “Cell standby” one of them will give you a “Time without signal” set of information. This can be useful in diagnosing your problem.

Also, I find that often there are apps that use Android-related processes that hide within the “Android System” moniker.

Do you have widgets on your home screen? Remove all of them and see what happens for a day. Do you have other apps that might be updating (or trying to) in the background? Try uninstalling a few of them. Do you get a lot of e-mail? The constant e-mail syncing can also be a problem.

Also, I found on my GS3 that Juice Defender actually used up more battery than it saved, so you should probably remove it. It was grerat on my Motorola Bionic, but it did not play well with the GS3.

Keep us posted.

sounds like a bad battery, i have the s3 and i charge it all night, it will easily last me 12 hours with heavy game usage.