Samuel Adams Long Shot contest

I know the Boards are home to several homebrewers. Is anyone planning to enter the Samuel Adams Long Shot contest? At first glance it sounds cool, but there are some troubling things about it. For one, the grand prize is only $5000. While that is better than a kick in the teeth, it isn’t much when you weigh the cost of producing and shipping the beer against the very small odds of winning. In poker terms, the pot odds are not favorable.

Sure there would be a great deal of prestige associated with winning, but that is mitigated somewhat by this next tidbit: just by entering you give up all your likeness rights to them forever. From the official rules:

Does anyone else find this disturbing, or would it be worth it to have your beer marketed nationwide?

It makes me leery, but I’m a paranoid personal privacy nutand make it a point to maintain what little anonimity is still possible today.

The language sounds like standard legalese to me. Are you surprised because Sam Admas seems more down-home, back-east than city-slicker, Wall Street?

Hell, I won’t even sign up to win a free IPod.

Not interested. I don’t have any specific reason, except that I don’t want to bother and I don’t think there’s any chance in hell I’ll win. Plus I wouldn’t like to have my likeness used just because I’m terribly unphotogenic - I recently turned down a request at work to portray a patient for a local network affiliate’s health segment on the news because I didn’t want to have my face on TV that way.

I am vaguely irritated at the company for how it presents some of its beers as being of a particular style when that’s not really the proper style at all. The one that springs to mind is the Cranberry Lambic, which isn’t a true lambic. I would worry that they might totally misrepresent the style just for marketing.

I also think the company founder/owner, Jim Koch, is kinda egotistical. If you’ve ever been to his brewery’s tour, it starts with this 10 or so minute videotape about the history of the company, which seques into essentially him talking about how he singlehandedly saved American brewing for Americans and all those other brewers who rode his coattails. I will grant that yes, Sam Adams beer did a lot to promote homebrewing, but other microbrewers were making a big push around that time as well and were expanding their distributions. Sam Adams started in 1984, but Pete’s Wicked was formed in 1986, Goose Island in 1986, Sierra Nevada in 1981, and the Anchor Brewing Company has been open under various owners since 1896 (barring Prohibition), and was bought by its current owner in 1965. Samuel Adams just happens to be the one to have won the race to bigger distribution and production first.

No, I know they’re a big corporate affair. It just seems like this asks you to sign away more rights than the average contest. It doesn’t have any language about limiting the use of your image to promoting this particular beer. If, however unlikely, I were to become famous for some other reason it sounds like I would be giving up quite a bit of potential income. Of course I don’t know how much of this is enforceable anyway.

Yeah, I’m one of the few people that really likes the Cranberry Lambic. It is more like a Berliner Weiss than a Lambic though.

If I were to enter I would either submit a dubbel (which I already have in the secondary), or a jalapeño ale. I don’t think it would be too easy to misrepresent either of those. The deadline for entry is in mid-August, so there’s not a lot of time to make anything really complex.

And yes, Jim Koch is a sanctimonious ass.

Oops, I think I just behaved in a manner that is substantial and damaging to the Contest.

My husband was interested when he heard about the contest but he hasn’t been brewing very long, so I don’t know if he will enter. It could be fun just to see what happens.

Sounds like fun, but I’m a damn lazy brewer and if I won, when it came time to divulge the recipe, I’d just say, “I dunno how I did it! It just came out that way!”. :smiley:

“I won? Great! Huh? My secret ingredient? Oh, that’s be the yak pee. So, when will you start mass-produ…hello? Hello?”

Dear Sam Adams,

Sorry to hear you didn’t like my “Ipecac Lager”…

I’m probably going to enter, but I don’t like the fact that if you are picked you have to sign over all rights to your recipe and so on.

I have a Raspberry Wheat that I am going to send in.