San Antonio Dopers - I need dining and fun times recommendations please

Well, our trip to Singapore in April of this year was cancelled. The conference was changed to online because of poor registration. :frowning: However, there is a conference in May in San Antonio that we will be attending, so Yay!

We will be staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel located on the south end of the Riverwalk. We will not have a car, so we need things that are within say a mile or two of the Hyatt or if it’s worth the trip, we’ll get a cab.

Hubby has already scoped out The Friendly Spot and another friend has recommended Iron Cactus. I definitely want to have some great local food. We will probably fly in on a Sunday, and have Monday completely free to play around. Tuesday we’ll both be working all day, but then we’ll have free time available for the rest of the conference and any extra days we decide to stay. I think we will fly back on Friday.

I’ve heard great things about San Antonio and I want to see and eat the best there is to offer. Thanks!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go and find Mi Tierra’s. Not far from the Riverwalk, not too expensive, and some of the best damn Mexican food in San Antonio. I’ve eaten there in the last year (I live up in DFW), and was amazed.

There’s an old church or fort or something near there. Can you check if my bicycle is in the basement?

Should’ve mentioned that I do know the Alamo is within walking distance of our hotel, and will be on the list of things to see. :smiley:

For a first timer, the boat tours of the River Walk is well worth the money.

And the Alamo is with in walking distance.

Definitely do this. Ate there in September was it was absolutely fantastic food. It is at the west end of the Central Business District, at the Market Square, just inside the area enclosed by the interstates. There are trams that run to that area so you don’t have to walk it. Website.

And try the Sopapillas for desert. Not much to them, but they taste wonderful.

Avoid the Basic Military Training Squadrons at Lackland AFB. The accommodations are spartan, the staff is aggressive and demanding, the wardrobe is uninspired, and the menu is bland.