San Diego Dopers! Help me find some hot-sauce in or near Mission Valley.

I live about half a stone’s-throw from Qualcomm Stadium, and I’m looking for a purveyor of fine hot-sauces as close as possible to the area of same stadium; hopefully one that purveys small local brands from other nearby states, particularly that jalapeno sauce that hath been given upon the fine state of Arizona by the God of Sauce himself, that sauce which calls itself Arizona Gunslinger. I found it in San Diego before but can’t remember where, only that it was somewhere downtown.

I’m aware that you can buy it on the Internet, and Idunwanna!

That’s all. Thanks!

Closest: Capt. Fitch’s Mercantile in Old Town has a range of very hot sauces, and there’s a spicy-things store in Horton Plaza downtown. Both an easy trolley ride from the stadium-formerly-known-as-Jack Murphy.

I believe that’s the one where I found it last time. Do you remember what it was called? If not, is it easy to find in the shopping center?

Anybody else with other suggestions to contribute?

I can find Arizona Gunslinger at Cost Plus World Market. I think I also found it at Stater Brothers, as well.

Nothing is easy to find in Horton Plaza. I think it’s right underneath the movie theater… that end of the mall, anyway.

There aren’t any Stater Bros nearby (I don’t think they’re in the city proper, down here) but there may be a Cost Plus nearby. I’ll have to look. Thanks!

Eh, I’ll probably give it a shot.