San Diego

I’m in San Diego next week. Is there anyone who lives out there that might want to hang out, watch a movie or go to the zoo? It’s on me (up to a point.)

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I lived in San Diego 'til I was 15. I’ve been back a few times. I’ve decided I don’t like it there. But then, I don’t like being in L.A. either.

Whether or not you find someone to hang out with (and my personal impression of the city notwithstanding), there are some neat places to go. Balboa Park has a good natural history museum (but I always prefered the Aerospace museum). Scripps Institution of Oceanography is interesting. Sea World. The zoo is world-class. North of S.D. is the San Diego Wild Animal Park. It was rebuilt after I left and I’ve never been there, but the “Gaslight” (or “Gastown”, or something like that) area is supposed to rock.