Sand in Urine?

So, I just discovered sand in my urine. I’m thinking kidney stones of some sort, but I haven’t seen any other symptoms–no pain, no blood, no nothing. I drink plenty of fluids, but some of those are heavily caffeinated.

What gives?

IANAD, but this is unfortunately something I have quite a bit of knowledge about. My first kidney stone was just a little piece of sand. No other symptoms. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th were much bigger though and were much less pleasant. If you kept the sand you can have your doctor analyze it to not only tell you if it is in fact a kidney stone, but if it is, then what type it is. Different types of stones form differently, and your doctor may advise you to change your diet. I form calcium oxylate stones, and I have to avoid milk (calcium) and soda, tea, and coffee (lots of oxylates). YKSMV (your kidney stone may vary). Your doctor may also do an X-ray to see if you have any more stones.

Dude, go to your phone now and at least speak to a Advice nurse, if not make a appt with your MD.

Planning on calling tomorrow for an appointment on Monday. Was posting to fulfill curiosity.

Yep, sometimes it looks like grains of sand, all right. And fortunately those are the tiny stones that don’t really hurt. There might be blood in your urine – often the blood is invisibly diluted when I have a stone, but it still shows up on the test strips.

Well, wait a minute – how much sand are you talking about here? A grain or two, or a teaspoon’s worth? That would make a big difference pain-wise, I bet.

Figured it out.

It wasn’t my sand, but the cat’s.

I don’t want to know how that mixup occurred.

“Is that a cat in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

The Master Speaks:


Then get that cat to the vet pronto.

The cat has been washing his paws in the bowl. Sand came off his paws.

Isn’t Urine that little town outside of Yachats?

LOL, bad kitty !!

Making master think he hand kidney stones!

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Ah yes, despite the fact my cat has a nice water bowl and even one of those fountain thingees, he still will drink out of the toilet unless I keep the lid shut.

I dunno. I still think peeing in the cat’s bowl is a bit weird.