Sandboxie pfoblem

Are there any “Sandboxie” users out there in Doper Land?

Briefly, the “Sandbox” software provides a quarantined area in the computer where new items, files, programs, etc., can be downloaded from the Internet and tried without danger of getting viruses, malware, or other nasties loaded into your computer. I won’t go into any more detail than that - the Sandboxie users will know what I’m talking about, and the other folks who don’t use this program won’t be interested in this anyway and can go back to the more exciting parts of the Board.

Anyway, anything downloaded from the Internet first goes into a “Default Box”, where it is quarantined until you decide that the stuff is safe, at which time it can be “Recovered” into the final destination of the computer. The problem I’ve been experiencing is this:

After the program had been running flawlessly for several weeks, it will suddenly stop downloading items into the “Default Box”. As you know, immediately after saving an item (File, program, and so forth), a box is presented asking if you want to do an immediate recovery of the item into the regular file system of the computer, or if you want to close the box - if you close it, the file will be placed into the quarantined “Sandbox” for whatever further action is subsequently desired. However, for some reason, now any items that I try to download are not going into the Sandbox, but instead seem to go off into God knows where.

They still exist: if you try to download the file again you’ll get the message “file already exists, do you want to replace it?” But I can’t find where they have gone - after closing the Sandboxie software, and checking the “Default Box”, it says “No files are avaiable for Recovery”. An searching for it using the normal Windows search functions cannot find it.

Has any other Sandbox user run into this? If so, I would be really grateful if you would advise how this problem can be fixed. Thanks in advance.

BTW - I’m using Windows 7

If a moderator would please repair my spelling of “problem” in the title, I’ll be forever in your debt.

Have you used the “explore contents” feature in the main sandbox window? that should take you to the exact place where the files are. Then you’ll just have to navigate to your Download folder inside the sandboxthe same way you would if you started from My Computer.

Makes sure you didn’t create a second sandbox, as it might be in that one, too.

Other than that, I have no idea. Files are either put in the sandbox, or are “recovered” to their real location.