Sandra Bullock and the in-flight movie

I probably fly far more than the average person, both for business and pleasure.

I know comedians make jokes about this, but I’m serious:
Why, exactly, do a large percentage of in-flight movies (at least the ones I see) star Sandra bullock?

I’m not kidding. I wouldn’t otherwise go to see/rent a Sandra Bullock film, yet over the years I believe I’ve seen every one she has been in due to the time I’ve spent on commercial aircraft. It can’t just be coincidence as I can’t say this about any other actor/actress.

Is there some sort of contract with distribution companies or WTF?

She’s a non-threatening, non-controversial star who makes non-threatening, non-controversial movies. Perfect for putting people to sleep on long flights.

Because of the plane crashes, you’ll consider it a blessing. :smiley:

Calm as Hindu cows…